Meet OCC 2021 Grads: Valeria Lezama

Razan AlaliMy whole perception of the world we live in has changed. I have learned to value life and to appreciate the little moments I spend with my family because I know that life can be cut short at any moment.”

- Valeria Lezama

Major: Associate Degree in Business Administration
Student Involvement/honors: PTK Alpha Omicron Rho Chapter

Q: What were your biggest accomplishments?

A: Volunteering for Lighthouse making emergency food boxes for Michiganders who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. It really made me feel good to help other people. I also got accepted to Oakland University to continue my studies and get my bachelor’s degree.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: I feel proud of myself for being able to keep my good grades even through this pandemic. I was awarded with the Dean’s List award, and I’m also proud that my mental health is in good shape.

Q: What type of support did you receive from the administration?

A: My counselor has been a great support for me in my graduation process. Nikki Kimbrough helped me a lot to understand the next steps, how to complete them and everything I needed to achieve this goal.

Q: What are the next steps for you after leaving OCC?

A: I plan to transfer to Oakland University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finance. I would love to come back to OCC and get another certificate in a different area to expand my portfolio.

Q: From the lessons you learned in the past year, what advice would you give to future students?

A: Make sure to organize your time and get everything done on time. Time management is key, not only for college but for every part of our lives. Also make sure to give your 100% today to see the results of your effort tomorrow.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: I really want to recognize the work of the faculty. The instructors have done such a great job during these virtual semesters. The material they give us is amazing, and the way they teach is incredible. I have learned so much from them. They do more than they can, and I really appreciate it.