Consumer Information

Pursuant to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, Oakland Community College must make available to the public student consumer information in the following areas:

Safety and Security:
Annual Fire Safety Report
Crime Log
Crime Statistics
Domestic Violence Prevention Programs
Drug and Alcohol Procedures
Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
Notice to Victims of Domestic Violence
Penalties for Drug Violations
Registered Sex Offender Information
Security Report

Student Outcomes:
Completion / Graduation and Transfer Rates
Retention Rate
Student Job Placement Rates
Student Profile
Types of Employment Obtained by Degree

Student Services:
Cost of Attendance
Course Schedule
Students with Disabilities
Voter Registration

Bookstore Information

Transfer and Articulation:
High School CTE Credit
Transfer Credit Agreements
Transfer of Credit Policies
Written Arrangements

Foreign Gifts Or Contracts Worth More Than $250,000 Within A Calendar Year
Oakland Community College does not have any foreign gifts or contracts greater than $250,000.

Reimbursements For Service On Advisory Boards 
Oakland Community College does not reimburse staff members for serving on advisory boards except for mileage.

Oakland Community College Board of Trustee members are reimbursed for travel and related expenses.

Contact Information

Oakland Community College
2480 Opdyke Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  48304
Phone:  248.341.2200