Welcome to the RAIDER Athletic Department! We are pleased to have you as a member of the program. The department challenges each student athlete to achieve his/her best academically and athletically, growing personally throughout their experience at OCC.

The Vision of the Raider Athletic department is:

To be recognized locally as well as nationally as a premier two year experience with emphasis on academic and athletic excellence, focused on leadership, community, and personal growth. The Department will serve the college, community and student with the integrity and accountability required to achieve the highest athletic and scholastic standards.

There is a limited amount of time for an individual to be recognized as a college athlete, but a lifetime for an individual to be recognized as a leader. Each of our athletes will be called upon to be leaders both in and out of the classroom.

Take advantage of the support systems at the college. Work hard, be positive and do the best you can on a daily basis. I am confident you will have a great experience at OCC and proudly represent the institution.


Jamie Corona
Director of Athletics

Guide to Abbreviations Used in this Book

AD – Athletic Director
AH – Auburn Hills Campus
ASC – Academic Support Center
HL- Highland and Lakes Campus
MCCAA- Michigan Community College Athletic Association
National Junior College Athletic Association Athletic Association
OCC – Oakland Community College
OR- Orchard Ridge Campus
RO-Royal Oak Campus
SF-Southfield Campus
SA-Student Athlete

Student Athlete Responsibility - Sign off Sheet

I understand that in order to be eligible for Intercollegiate Athletic Competition, I must abide by all of the policies and procedures that have been outlined in the 2023-24 OCC Student Athlete Handbook - Included, but not limited to,

• Academic Progress Reports
• OCC athletic department attendance policy
• Maintain full time student status (12 credits) per NJCAA Eligibility and Scholarship contract*
• Maintaining a 2.0 GPA or above
• Guidelines for the Code of Conduct & being a representative of the institution

The undersigned do hereby give OCC, its assigners, licensees and legal representatives the irrevocable right to use my name (or fictional name), picture, portrait, or photograph in all forms and media and in all manners, including composite or distorted representations, for advertising, trade or any other lawful purpose, including written copy and testimonials that may be created in connection therewith.

I hereby consent to OCC’s release of educational records of information relating to my academic standing to the NJCAA; to any institution of higher education that inquires about me; to the release of such information at Athletic banquets/celebrations and in any publications relating to intercollegiate athletics at OCC.

I have completely read and fully understand the guidelines in the Student Athlete Handbook. It is my responsibility to me, my team and to the Athletic Department to uphold the integrity and character of this program.*Schedules MAY NOT be changed after schedule adjustment WITHOUT the approval of Department designee.
Student Athlete Information (please print)

Name (print)
Signature of Student Athlete                                                             Date

Sport: _______________________ (Form must be signed/Returned to AD)

Athletic Administration

Contact Information

Jamie Corona
Athletic Director
Office(248) 232-4513
Mobile: (248) 260-8744

Staff Directory

Kathie Andreassi
Athletic Secretary
Office: (248) 232-4502
Fax: (248) 232-4518

Rachel Flickema
Athletic Trainer
Phone: (248) 232-4275

Benny Bieszki
Coordinator of Athletic Operations
Phone: (248) 232-4272

Coach Personnel

William Jones
Basketball - Women's
Phone(248) 842-4000

Rick Coatta
Golf - Men's
Phone(248) 496-6464

Jamie Corona
Softball - Women's
Phone(248) 232-4513

Antoine Joubert
Basketball - Men’s
Phone:(248) 991-5145

Women's Volleyball
Phone:(586) 436-1163

Shane Skelcy
Men's & Women's Cross Country
Phone: (248) 321-9814

Academic Excellence

Keys to Academic Success

Being a Student Athlete means juggling many priorities and responsibilities: study time, classes, practice/game schedules, work and family. We encourage you to utilize the college resources to assist you during your time at OCC.

Each campus has an Academic Support Center (ASC) where you can secure help in many academic areas from Math and Science to English tutors at NO COST. Avoid waiting until it is too late – ask for help! You are responsible for keeping your Coach and AD informed of ANY concerns and/or questions regarding your academic progress.

Academic Support Center (ASC) / Counseling Center:
All Athletes are required to meet with a counselor to complete enrollment and registration process. 

The ASC provides support services for students such as tutoring, workshops & seminars, supplemental instruction, and Placement Testing.

Counseling(248) 341-2270

Accessibility Compliance Center and Educational Support Services (ACCESS) is designed to provide accommodations and services to students with a documented disability diagnosed by a qualified, licensed professional as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (intake interview required)

Student Financial Resources and Scholarships (SFRS)
Financial Aid is available to assist Oakland Community College students with educational expenses. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for grants, scholarships, loans, and employment opportunities. For information on all types of Financial Aid programs and application requirements please contact one of the campus locations listed below.

OCC 2023-24
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for
Financial Aid Eligibility

Federal regulations require a student to work toward the completion of a degree or certificate when receiving financial aid.

  1. Must have completed with a passing grade: A,B,C,D: 67% of all OCC credits attempted, and
  2. Must have an OCC overall GPA of at least 2.00 after 15 credits of enrollment at OCC, or have not attempted any credits at OCC, and
  3. Students who have attempted between 1-15 credits with an overall GPA below a 2.0 and/or who have earned less than 67% completion rate, will be considered for 2 Probationary semesters of financial aid, and
  4. Student must be working toward a degree/certificate at OCC in order to receive financial aid. Only classes in declared degree program will qualify for financial aid.

Academic Calendar

We offer three semesters. You can refer to the Academic Calendars for key dates, including registration and drop/add, etc.

Policies & Procedures

Eligibility & Registration Process
Eligibility for Student Athletes: All academic records must be verified prior to the initial semester of participation including AP course work, college courses taken during high school, transfer credits, etc. Second year athletes must have accumulated 24 credits with a 2.0 to be eligible. Transfer students must be reviewed immediately in order to allow for processing documents, complete orientation, Counselor appointments and proper registration.

Registration Process:
Student Athletes follow these steps:
(Returning athletes will be slightly different)

  1. Online Application: Potential Student Athlete must be enrolled at the college PRIOR to any award.

  2. Practice & Placement Testing: Complete PRIOR to seeing counselor (see p.7) or student meets minimum ACT/SAT scores for English portion. BRING to counseling appointment. Please complete as soon as possible. Course options & selection are impacted by the results of this test. Both Math & English tests are required. Any student placing into ENG 1055 will be required to attend pre-scheduled Mandatory Orientation prior to being allowed to register. Any student placing into ENG 1060, will have course restrictions.

  3. Transcripts: any and all OFFICIAL high school and college transcripts must be sent to OCC for full consideration including AP courses.

  4. FAFSA Application: submit as soon as possible.

  5. Email: Establish OCC email address (required for registration/communication).

  6. New Student Orientation: ALL new students must complete online via MYOCC before registering.

  7. Athlete Orientation: ALL Student Athletes must attend a mandatory athlete orientation scheduled in June of each year.

  8. Counselor Appointment: Schedule a mandatory appointment prior to each semester (not a walk-in) to meet with a Counselor to review degree options, possible course schedule for the coming academic year, pre-requisites, etc. As a student athlete know your team practice schedule. Game schedules should be complete first week of classes.

  9. Course Registration: Submit completed course schedule form directly to the counseling office or AD by the following dates:

a. Winter Term – Friday, October 20, 2023
b. Summer Term – Friday, March 1, 2024 (optional)

Athlete Courses Selection Guidelines

The following guidelines are for your use and common concerns.

  1. Be aware of your practice and game schedule through the entire semester you are registering for. There are evenings/days you should avoid. For example: Volleyball – avoid Tuesdays & Thursday evenings, Fridays and weekends. Basketball winter semester – avoid Monday – Wednesday evenings and weekends

  2. PRE-REQS: Be aware many courses require a pre-req before you can sign up. Review each course prior to signing up! Note that to move to the next course you must pass with a ‘C’ or better.

  3. Online Courses: All OCC students must complete the online readiness course before they are able to register for an online course. The course can be found by logging into MYOCC under preregistration steps.

  4. Check your schedule and OCC Email regularly. This is the ONLY way the college communicates cancelled classes, schedule changes, and the Athletic Office sends important information. CHECK Daily!

  5. Time Management: College level courses require additional study time (i.e. for every 1 credit = up to 4 hrs of study time depending on the class. Ask sophomore athletes, coaches and athletic personnel for guidance.

  6. Career Planning: Strongly recommend student athletes take this 2 credit course the first semester. If you are uncertain about your interests, your skills, this course will prepare you and give you the tools to head in the right direction – Graduation and/or Transfer.

  7. Review your handbook. Each and every piece in this handbook is here as a resource and guide for you – quick reference while for appointments, meetings etc.

Additional Considerations:

  • Waitlist Classes | Students must first register for all course options then decide if they would like to waitlist for a course. Because official student athletes have the ATHL (athlete) designation, this service has LIMITED capabilities due to the time necessary in responding to the automated e-mail from the college. Should a course be selected that requires a Waitlist designation, you MUST go to the home campus Enrollment office to process the class change.

  • Late Start Classes |It is your responsibility as a student to know your schedule and MAINTAIN 12 credits at all times except for summer session. This applies even if your sport is out of season. NOTE: all classes MUST START PRIOR to the end of the sport season. 6 credit must start before the end of the regular season.
  • Schedule Adjustment AND/OR Drop/Add | There is a designated Schedule Adjustment or Drop/Add time (first week of classes). It CANNOT be done after. The proper form must be used, changes cannot be made online. Until the requested change is officially authorized, the student should attend all classes in which they originally enrolled. Students may utilize a walk-in appoint for these changes.

    Any and all changes to your schedule must be approved after schedule adjustment/15th day of the semester. Repercussions may include: immediate ineligibility, termination of scholarship, and/or dismissal from the Athletic program.

  • Non-eligible financial aid | The following classes are not eligible for financial aid in order to comply with federal student aid regulations: MAT 1045, MAT 1050, ENG 1055 and CIS 1000

  • Course repetition | Student athletes must be aware that the accumulation rule does not apply when repeating courses! If a course is retaken, it can only be counted once in total credits.

    Note: Scholarships may not apply beyond one course attempt per semester. This includes a dropped course from a previous semester.

    Hold on Records: The Counseling Office can assist you in identifying any HOLDS on your record. A student athlete cannot register/secure transcripts if there is a hold on their account.

Academic Progress

Degree Completion:
It is our effort to help you succeed and move towards your academic goals. The Department encourages each student athlete to complete their certificates and/or degrees.

  • Declare your degree early.
  • Make Counselor Appointments productive. Ask questions as you progress and select courses prior to each semester.
  • Apply for Graduation. When you are ready, complete the Certificate and Degree Application form!

Academic Monitoring -Methods include (not limited to):

  • Progress Reports | Progress reports will be issued by the Head Coach or designee a minimum of twice a semester. Each Head Coach is responsible for the collection and evaluation of these reports prior to submitting to the AD or designee. If an athlete fails to return these forms, they may:
    1. Forfeit their ability to continue participate immediately
    2. Discipline or loss of eligibility
    3. Forfeit their right to compete on the team the following year
    4. Scholarship students may be subject to the loss of current scholarship for the semester/year

For those taking an online course, reports must be forwarded electronically to those instructors and back to the Head coach and/or AD.

  • Report Verification | A random 20% sampling of these completed reports will take place to ensure valid signatures and information. If a student athlete falsifies these academic documents in any way or does not reflect true feedback by instructor, unsatisfactory in attendance or performance, the athlete will be immediately be suspended until a full review is completed.

  • Attendance Policy | Attending class is necessary to be a successful student and to maintain eligibility; therefore, if any student is regularly missing classes, in any combination of sections, in a single semester for reasons deemed unacceptable by the athletic department (acceptable reasons – extreme illness, family death) the student could face a number of consequences including but limited to not being allowed to start, suspended for one or multiple games or being kicked off the team. Consequences will carry over from one semester to the next or to the next athletic season if necessary.
  • ASC Tutoring Assigned | Early communication between Head Coach and AD or designee may result in a monitoring period for grade improvement along with suspended participation in practice and/or competition. These will be monitored case by case until improvement is seen. Ultimately this is the SA’s responsibility.

  • Tournament Participation & Academic Status | Should at any point in the semester a student athlete’s grades indicate a failing grade or his/her academic progress is unacceptable, he/she will not be allowed to participate, if necessary, until grades improve.

Grading Policy

Students will be awarded letter grades as follows:

A Excellent 4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B Good 3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C Average 2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.3
D   1.0
F Failure 0.0


A Pass /Fail grade may be given for a specific course based on the recommendation of the faculty in the discipline, a supporting rationale, and with the approval of the Provost.

Grading Symbols

In addition to the grading system, the following symbols may appear on a student Grade Report.

  • AU  Audit
  • I  Incomplete
  • N Non-Attendant
  • NR  Not Reported
  • CP  Continuing Progress
  • W  Student Initiated Withdrawal
  • WS  Stopped Attending

AU - Audit | A student may register for a course without credit. This election must be made at the time of registration or schedule adjustment.

CP - Continuing Progress | A mark designated for selective use for students enrolled in designated courses that have attended class regularly and made reasonable effort toward progress but have not demonstrated a passing level of proficiency. This mark cannot be awarded more than once for the same course. The “CP” may remain on the transcript indefinitely. Upon reenrollment and completion, the letter grade issued will be used for purposes of figuring the grade point average. The instructor of record will submit a written summation of the student’s progress to the student, next the instructor and the department chair. This is to ensure that the student understands and accepts the responsibilities outlined by the instructor.
If a student athlete anticipates this grade see the Athletic Director and coach immediately in order to determine eligibility.

I - Incomplete | This mark will be used sparingly and only when an emergency prevents a student from completing course work during the regular college session. The student is responsible for completing a written agreement with the instructor detailing the requirements to be met for the completion of the “I” before it is assigned. The student is not to register for a course in which he or she has a current mark of “I”. Without prior faculty-initiated action to change the ‘I’, this mark will become a “WF” one year subsequent to its original issue. If a student athlete receives an ‘I’ putting him/her below the completion of 12 credits, they are ineligible until the work is completed. See the Director and Head Coach immediately if an incomplete is expected.  

N - Non-Attendant | The non-punitive mark is awarded to students who, though registered, never attended class, did not officially drop, and no gradable work exists.  A student athlete will be immediately ineligible if given this mark at any time bringing the total credits below 12. This is a failure to attend class.

NR - Not-Reported | Grade was not reported or submitted.

W - Student-Initiated Withdrawal | This non punitive mark is awarded to students who initiate the process to officially drop the course during the time specified for the academic period.

WS-Withdrawal – Stopped Attending | This faculty-initiated mark is awarded when a student stops attending the class or (for online and hybrid classes) stops submitting work but never officially drops. Marks of “WS” do not satisfy prerequisites and are not transferable. This mark is not used in the calculation of GPA, but it may affect eligibility for financial aid.  *W/WS can both result in ineligibility. See your Head Coach and Athletic Director promptly before requesting this grade from the faculty. If given a W/WS, it is up to the student athlete to follow up with the instructor and keep Coach/Athletic Director informed as it may impact eligibility, scholarship awards.

Academic Sanctions

A student is in Good Standing when that student has: *A most recent semester grade point average (SGPA) of 2.0 or higher and * A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher. Maintaining these standards makes a student eligible for an academic degree or certificate. In an effort to promote student success, the college has developed a program of academic sanctions which shall be triggered when the semester GPA of a student falls below 2.0.
Students are notified of an applied sanction by: a) email, b) letter, and c) through Online Services after the 1st or 2nd grade posting.

Upon the first such semester following a semester clear of any academic sanction, the college will issue an Academic Warning to the student advising that greater care should be exercised to prevent a recurrence. In the event that this condition continues for a second consecutive semester, the student will be issued another Academic Warning if the cumulative GPA is below 2.0. However, if that following consecutive semester’s GPA continues below 2.0 and the cumulative GPA is now also below a 2.0, the student will be placed on Academic Intervention. The student on Academic Intervention will be required to meet with a counselor and may then be asked to limit the total number of hours carried during the semester. The counselor may also ask that the student observe other restrictions appropriate to his or her academic profile. If a student athlete is placed on Academic Intervention, he/she must meet with the Athletic Director to review the status of eligibility PRIOR to the end of the Drop/Add period of the current semester.

If the student’s semester GPA is found to be below 2.0 for a third consecutive semester, the college will review that student’s academic record. Student will be de-registered from courses until this record is reviewed. If this review reveals that the cumulative GPA is above 2.0 the student will be continued on Academic Intervention status with any restrictions deemed appropriate by a college counselor. If the examination reveals that both the semester and cumulative GPA’s are below 2.0, the student will be suspended for one calendar year.

When Academic Suspension occurs, the student will be de-registered from courses promptly upon grade posting and he/she must proceed through the process of appeals established at the institution with his/her home campus. An appeal form can be retrieved from the dean’s office and students must provide any/all transcripts when meeting with the Academic Dean.

Notice of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 was established to protect the privacy of student educational records. Only certain employees of Oakland Community College, acting individually or collectively in the educational interest of the student, are allowed access to educational records. When the collection of personally identifiable information is specifically authorized by federal law, any data collected by such officials shall be protected in a manner which will not permit the personal identification of students and their parents by other than those officials, and such personally identifiable data shall be destroyed when no longer needed. Except as allowed and required by law, no personally identifiable information from a student’s educational record will be disclosed to any third party (including parent, spouse or other students) by an official or employee of the college without prior written consent of the student.

Athletic Excellence

Representing Oakland Community College

An Athlete is seen in the public eye more often than the average student. The privilege of being a college athlete is accompanied by a responsibility to represent the college with class and dignity. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Athletic Code of Conduct | As an athlete representing OCC, I subscribe to the following ideals:

  1. I regard the achievement of excellence in my sport, my role as a team member, and the development of my character as ends in themselves.
  2. I will fulfill the responsibilities required of me by my teammates, coaches and college.
  3. I will treat all of my fellow athletes with courtesy and respect that I would have them confer on me.
  4. I will uphold my academic responsibility as an athlete at OCC.
  5. I understand the privilege of wearing an OCC uniform and the responsibility that comes with it whether on the field, on campus or in the community.
  6. I understand that I will not participate in the use of alcohol, drugs and all other forms of inappropriate behavior as stipulated in the OCC Student Handbook.
  7. I have read and signed the NJCAA Code of Conduct

Use of College Property | No student shall be on campus except during times established in the Academic Calendar as instructional periods and/or during normal college hours of operation.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use | No student athlete shall consume or possess any alcoholic beverages, beer and/or wine on any college-owned or operated facility or at any college-sponsored event either on or off campus. Should an underage student athlete be reported or found engaging in alcohol or any student athlete be found engaging in drug use, he/she will be immediately suspended until further review.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited on all college-owned or operated property and at any college-sponsored events either on or off campus.

Disturbance in Public | Student athletes do not have sole utilization of the facility. Often that usage must be shared with instructional classes, community users and other teams. Athletes must act in a mature manner at all times and avoid creating a situation that would disrupt or disturb another program.

Examples of such situations include: occupying the facility at inappropriate times or using crude language in the gym. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

Dress and Appearance | Proper attire is required. Modesty and good taste are always expected. OCC assigned gear is required to be worn at all practices and games.

Team Rules | Each team will institute specific guidelines regarding appropriate behavior, dress and appearance. These will be reviewed with the student athlete by the coach on the first day of practice.

Travel | All team members must ride the team bus/van to away events unless released by Head Coach and the knowledge of the Director of Athletics. Adhere to any bus and hotel rules as noted. 

B.A.R.T. PROCEDURE & Due Process 

For the safety of the college community and maintaining academic integrity, the college has developed a Behavioral Assessment Review Team procedure. This is to identify inappropriate, threatening, or illegal communication or behavior that may occur on campus or at a campus event. Should you become aware of any form of communication that could pose a risk or threat to the college, its students, or employees you should immediately bring it to the attention of a college dean or public safety officer as soon as possible. A multi-disciplined team will review the action and seek help for the person involved. Should an incident involve a Student Athlete, disciplinary action such as suspension will be immediately enforced until determined by the Director of Athletics.

In less serious cases involving a minor offense, corrective action may be taken by the appropriate coaching staff. An appeal by the student or family may be made to the Director within 72 hours from the time the offense occurred. All attempts to render a fair and just decision to any offense will be made as quickly as possible.

Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to: reprimand, restriction of participation, requirement of restitution, suspension or dismissal from the school, any student who breaks the laws of the State of Michigan or local municipality will be referred to Campus Police and the local police department.

Athletic Training Services

All student athletes participating in any one of the NJCAA certified sports or clubs must pass a physical examination administered by a qualified health care professional licensed to administer physical examinations prior to the first practice for each collegiate year in which they compete. Physicals are required to participate in any athletic team tryout or department sponsored visit. The physical form specified by the OCC Athletic Department is REQUIRED to be used. No other form will be accepted when the sport is officially in season.

Three medical forms due prior to any pre-conditioning or first day of practice whichever comes first:

  • Physical dated after June 1, 2023 (physicals are valid for 13 mo.)
  • Insurance Form & copy of insurance cards
  • Emergency Contact Form


Student Athletes must report all injuries to the college (and/or coach) within 24 hours after the injury occurs and complete an injury report immediately. Medical referrals will first be made by a certified athletic trainer IF the injury occurred while participating in official contests or practice as a student athlete. Each coach will participate in medical referrals in absence of the certified trainer


The athletic accident insurance at Oakland Community College is excess only or secondary. It will not duplicate benefits paid or payable by any other insurance plan including HMO’s or PPO’s. Oakland Community College will cover excess costs over and above your primary coverage plan. If you are not covered by a primary plan, we are requesting you investigate plans and purchase your own insurance coverage since ours is not a primary care plan. The maximum paid per athlete is $1000. ALL follow up costs, rehabilitation, etc., must be documented by our trainer and approved by the department before any coverage costs will be taken care of. Oakland Community College will not be responsible for any medical bills incurred to an injured athlete without prior approval by the certified athletic trainer, athletic director and/or coach. An athletic injury which occurs while participating in a sanctioned practice or competition will be covered as a secondary policy. Pre-existing injuries will NOT be covered. Please check with Director as soon as possible.

ALL athletic injuries must be communicated to the coach and trainer. Proper injury documentation must be filed and a copy is to be given to the Trainer or AD in a timely manner. Student athletes needing access to the training room need to see the AD or an available coach in advance. All training room rules must be adhered to.

Physician Referral Contact Information | Nate Marshall Orthopedics: 248-650-2400

Student-Athletes & Pregnancy

Pregnancy in a student athlete can be challenging and we want to protect your physical and mental health while you consider your options. We suggest you do not withdraw from your sport before talking to someone as this can result in the loss of scholarship. First, we encourage you to discuss your pregnancy and related health concerns with your private physician. We encourage you to also tell the department athletic trainer as soon as you learn you are pregnant. This information is kept confidential unless you give permission to do otherwise.

What happens to my year of eligibility? Pregnancy is considered a temporary medical condition. A medical hardship would be considered through the institution following NJCAA regulations. What about medical coverage? The Athletics Department does not cover medical service costs related to care of pregnancy.

Where to go for help: Athletic Trainer or coach may refer you to the OCC College Counseling offices.

Amateur Status/Outside Competition

“Ask before you do anything”

To remain athletically eligible, the most important thing to remember is not to endanger your amateur athlete status or violate NJCAA rules regarding outside competition. The following are the more commonly applicable NJCAA guidelines for maintaining your amateur status (not all NJCAA rules are included)

You cannot within your sport:

  • Accept payment or promise of payments in cash, prizes, gifts or travel for participating in your sport
  • Play on a recreation team during the college’s season of competition

Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Requirements

It is the responsibility of each student athlete to maintain a good academic standing. Each athlete must meet the eligibility requirements established by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). This requires upholding a 2.00 GPA or above and maintaining full-time enrollment (12 Credit Hours). Failure to meet these requirements will result in immediate suspension/expulsion from the Athletic Program.

NJCAA General Eligibility Information

All NJCAA Rules of Eligibility are in effect as of August 1, 2016*

  1. A member college must be in good standing with the NJCAA and its own conference to enter a team or individual in an activity sponsored by the NJCAA.
  2. Students participating on an intercollegiate level in any one of the certified sports shall conform to the requirements of the Rules of Eligibility, the rules and regulations of the conference with which the college is affiliated, and the rules of the college at which the students are attending and participating. 
  3. Ineligible students are not to be allowed to dress, sit on the bench or travel unless approved by Director.
  4. Students who falsify any academic and / or athletic participation record shall be ineligible for further competition in an NJCAA member college at any time.
  5. Colleges having an intercollegiate athletic program above the two year level shall not be allowed to participate in any of the certified sports of the NJCAA.
  6. The word “term” is used within the Eligibility Rules and refers to quarter, semester or trimester, whichever applies to the office unit of class. The term, i.e. unit credits, quarter term with the semester credits, etc. will be evaluated and an interpretation entered in the Casebook.
  7. A student athlete’s GPA will be determined by dividing the earned/passing accumulated quality points by the corresponding earned/passing credit hours at each institution of attendance. Note: Passing and satisfactory grades may be contributed as “C” grades.
  8. Student-athletes who earn an A, B, C, or D grade in a college level course may only use that course one time for previous term/accumulation eligibility purposes. A repeated class is allowed to be counted towards current term enrollment.

*Note: This is only a portion of the rules & regulations for the NJCAA eligibility (pg. 22-25)

NJCAA Athletic Eligibility

The following rules shall be used to determine a student’s eligibility for athletic competition in any one of the certified sports of the NJCAA. ELIGIBILITY MUST BE DETERMINED PRIOR TO JUNE 30 OF EACH YEAR to be considered for competition for the upcoming year. (Exceptions must be approved by AD)

  1. Student athletes must make satisfactory progress within an approved college program or course as listed in the college catalog.
  2. Students must be in regular attendance and enrolled full time before competing in any OCC sponsored sport.
  3. Must maintain enrollment in 12 or more credit hours of college work during each term of athletic participation or per Scholarship contract (LOI)

Semester Eligibility 

Enrollment: Student-athletes must be enrolled full-time or part-time on the 18th calendar day (not to end on a weekend or Federal Holiday) of the beginning of the regular term as listed on the college academic calendar maintained.
Full-Time Requirement: Student-athletes must be enrolled in full-time status at the college prior to competition and certifying NJCAA eligibility using any combination of sessions (regular term, mini term, fast track term) within a term. Full-time enrollment is defined as 12 or more credit hours.

Eligibility Standards

1st season participant | Must meet accumulation requirements OR earn 12 credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher during previous full-time term.

2nd season participant | Must have accumulated 24 earned semester hours with a GPA of 2.00 or higher (or have accumulated 36 quarter hours with a GPA of 2.00 or higher)
Must meet accumulation requirements OR earn 12 credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher during previous full-time term.

Semester Eligibility Accumulation Requirements

Prior to 1st Full-Time Term Must meet all enrollment requirements
Prior to 2nd Full-Time Term Need 6 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher
Prior to 3rd Full-Time Term Need 24 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher
Prior to 4th Full-Time Term Need 33 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher
Prior to 5th Full-Time Term Need 48 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher
Prior to 6th Full-Time Term Need 57 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher
Prior to 7th Full-Time Term Need 57 accumulated credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher and must have earned 12 credits with a 2.00 GPA in the previous full-time term.

Credit hours earned from part-time term enrollments can be calculated in accumulation totals. Also classes that may not be accepted by OCC academically may still be able to be counted athletically.

In the following sports, students are not required to be enrolled during the fall term to be eligible to participate in the sport during the spring season unless the records are carried over into the spring season: Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Lacrosse, Softball, and Tennis. If the fall records are carried over into the spring season, all students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) during the fall term when the schedule begins.

NJCAA Policy Certified Disabled Student Athlete | A Student Athlete may be granted relief from Article V, Section 4.C, - 4.F of the bylaws in the instance where the specific guidelines are followed. Processing and documentation MUST take place prior to first year of participation. See the Director of Athletics for more information. If you have any questions about academic/athletic eligibility, contact your coach or the Director of Athletics before changing class schedules.

Transfer and the NCAA Clearinghouse

If you are planning to transfer to a four year college and are hoping to continue participating in athletics, it is mandatory that you register with the NCAA or NAIA Clearinghouse to determine your qualification status. The academic requirements to transfer to a Division I, II, III or NAIA college vary. Go to www.eligibilitycenter.org for more information on NCAA eligibility, or NAIA Clearinghouse www.playnaia.org for required coursework and transfer information.

Excused Absence Policy/Procedure for Student Athletes

  1. At the start of each semester, student-athletes are responsible for notifying their instructors of official games and/or competitions that conflict with the class times via the Athletic Release Form. Student-athletes are responsible for making up missed work in an agreed upon timeframe with the instructor. a. Instructors must be notified of all post-season play and/or tournaments that conflict with class assignments, tests or exams, as soon as these dates are available via an additional Athletic Release Form.

  2. Should a disagreement arise between the student-athlete and their instructor concerning class assignments, tests or exams, the student should contact the Athletic Director to assist in resolving the conflict.

  3. If the conflict cannot be resolved with the assistance of the Athletic Director, the student-athlete and the Athletic Director should contact the Department Chair or Academic Dean for that discipline.

  4. If the student-athlete has a reason to question equitable implementation of a timely request to reschedule class assignment, tests or exams, the student-athlete should contact the Department Chair or Academic Dean for that discipline.

  5. If the scheduling conflict cannot be resolved by either the Department Chair or Academic Dean, the scheduling conflict may be appealed to the Provost, who shall determine the final resolution.

Student responsibilities

  1. Regular Class Attendance - Regular class attendance is expected of all students. Students who participate in intercollegiate athletics should not miss class, seminars, or labs for practice.

  2. Students should take their schedule of athletic events into account when planning class schedules, and must consult with their academic counselor and coaches. Student-athletes should make every effort to minimize conflicts with academic activities (e.g. clinicals, labs, field trips, etc.).

  3. Authorized absences for scheduled athletic competitions and related travel do not relieve student-athletes of their class responsibilities. Student-athletes are responsible for any course material covered and any assignment(s) missed.

  4. If a team is participating in post season and/or tournament play, the student-athlete is responsible for notifying their instructors, as well as arranging alternative exam times or alternative deadline dates for final projects. In cases where instructors are not able to administer final exams before or after team travels, Academic Support Center staff may proctor the exam. The student-athlete is responsible for coordinating and scheduling the alternative proctoring.

NJCAA Letters of Intent / Grant in Aid

All NJCAA National Letter of Intent (NLOI) are binding eligibility / financial contracts between the student athlete and OCC.

A copy of the NLOI will be made available once all signatures are in place.

All financial awards must be clearly noted by semester on the NLOI.

The NLOI will become void if:

  • Student athlete does not fulfill requirements of the contract
  • Student athlete becomes academically ineligible.
  • Student athlete chooses to leave the team before the conclusion of the season. The student athlete will then be charged back by Oakland Community College for all appropriate amounts of tuition and fees.
  • Student fails to enroll, withdrawals or transfers
  • Student athlete is disciplined where it is deemed necessary to void the LOI

If a NLOI is on file and a ‘separation’ occurs between a student athlete and the team, the contract total may be revoked and will be calculated based on the time spent on the team. A ‘final contact’ date will be documented and all NLOI funds will be adjusted accordingly. The NJCAA Letter of Intent Calendar for 2023/2024 will run from June 16, 2023 through June 15, 2024.

Athletic scholarship, as noted in the NLOI, only covers in-county tuition rates unless otherwise noted. The difference in cost must be paid for by the student athlete. Any athlete that does not have an in-county address on file with the college before the start of the fall semester will be charged out-of-county rates. If they address changes after the fall semester, rated adjustments cannot be made until the winter semester.

OCC Athletic Alumni

It is with pride and deep commitment to student success that the OCC Athletic Department, OCC Foundation along with past coaches and administration present to you the Raider Vision Statement:

Oakland Community college’s Intercollegiate sports program will be recognized locally as well as nationally as a premier two year experience with emphasis on academic and athlete excellence, focused on leadership, community, and personal growth. The Department will serve the college, community and student with the integrity and accountability required to achieve the highest athletic and scholastic standards.

To help future student athletes and the department achieve this vision we have created an opportunity for alumni & friends of athletics to provide financial support for athletic scholarships, travel, and equipment needs through the OCC Foundation. By person gift or designation, you may select the sport program for your gift/donation.

OCC Foundation

Our Mission |The mission of the Oakland Community College Foundation is to obtain financial support to advance the mission and goals of the Oakland Community College.

Leadership & Personal Development

One of the guiding principles our department holds is to ensure opportunities for Leadership and Personal Development. The college has a number of opportunities outside athletics to develop his/her leadership skills including:

OCC Service Opportunities

The OCC Athletic Department is committed to services in the local community from free sport clinics to collecting donations and canned food for a local pantry. All OCC athletes/OCC teams will be responsible for completing services hours.

Transferable Skills

These are some attributes you possess having participated in collegiate athletics. These are skills you can highlight as being able to transfer from your role as a student athlete to whatever job you are seeking. These can be noted on your resume or mentioned during your interview.

  • Able to hand multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Understand accountability
  • Can make decisions under pressure
  • Seek and love a challenge
  • Understand importance of time management
  • Always prepared
  • Has overcome adversity
  • Confident
  • Strong work ethic
  • Can execute a game plan
  • Always striving to improve
  • Understand value of teamwork
  • Coachable and willing to learn
  • Result oriented
  • Focused
  • Competitive nature
  • Aggressive
  • Handles pressure well
  • High energy level
  • Goal oriented
  • Disciplined
  • Strong character
  • Self-motivated
  • Constructive criticism seen as growth opportunity

Contact Information

Jamie Corona
Athletic Director
Office(248) 232-4513
Mobile: (248) 260-8744

Staff Directory

Kathie Andreassi
Athletic Secretary
Office: (248) 232-4502
Fax: (248) 232-4518

Rachel Flickema
Athletic Trainer
Phone: (248) 232-4275

Benny Bieszki
Coordinator of Athletic Operations
Phone: (248) 232-4272

Coach Personnel

William Jones
Basketball - Women's
Phone(248) 842-4000

Rick Coatta
Golf - Men's
Phone(248) 496-6464

Jamie Corona
Softball - Women's
Phone(248) 232-4513

Antoine Joubert
Basketball - Men’s
Phone:(248) 991-5145

Women's Volleyball
Phone:(586) 436-1163

Shane Skelcy
Men's & Women's Cross Country
Phone: (248) 321-9814