Articulation Agreement Between Ann Arbor Public Schools & Oakland Community College

Effective Dates November 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022 

Article I | Agreement on Principle

Oakland Community College ("OCC") and the Ann Arbor Public School District ("the district") agree that students who enroll in state approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum and who choose to attend OCC should be provided with a smooth transition to post-secondary education that minimizes loss of credit and duplication of coursework. Therefore, OCC and all of the above named school districts agree to enter into this Articulation Agreement ("Agreement") as cooperating, equal partners who shall maintain the integrity of their separate programs. 

Article II | Agreement on Program Specifics 

OCC and the Ann Arbor Public School District agree that any student who has satisfied the requirements outlined in this Agreement are eligible to receive the specified number of course credits which may be applied towards the OCC programs listed in Article VI. Students using this Agreement must follow the procedures specified in Article VII and meet all other OCC admissions requirements in order to be eligible to receive articulated credit. Articulated courses are treated as transfer courses and will not affect the student's GPA at OCC. 

Article Ill | Agreement on Communication 

OCC and the Ann Arbor Public School District agree to cooperate in communicating with each other and with their common and respective publics concerning the established relationship outlined in this Agreement. Communication may include various hard copy and electronic publications to inform those who might benefit personally or professionally from the opportunities provided by this Agreement. Both parties will share the information in this Agreement with interested and qualified students, their parents/guardians as well as appropriate school district and college personnel. 

Article IV | Maintenance and Review Procedures 

At least one representative from each organization will be appointed to act as agent for the implementation of this Agreement, to speak for the organization and to communicate changes to respective faculty members, advisors, counselors, and others to whom the information is pertinent. Responsibility for oversight of this Agreement rests with the Director of Secondary Partnerships at OCC and the CTE Director of the Ann Arbor Public School District or their designees. Both parties agree to communicate annually any changes in their respective programs that may affect this Agreement. 

Article V | Responsibility of School District 

Throughout the duration of this Agreement, APS agrees to provide OCC:

  • All changes to the class name(s), class number(s) and CIP code(s) for the CTE program(s) covered under this Agreement.
  • Written notification of changes to program content and/or instruction as it aligns with the State of Michigan CTE curriculum.
  • Written notification of loss of state funding or decertification for any program covered under this Agreement.
  • The student's final grade for the high school CTE program covered under this Agreement as reported on their high school transcript.
  • The names and contact information (work e-mail, phone number and mailing address) of individuals who teach the specified articulated curriculum as well as counselors at the facilities where the classes are located.
  • If requested, proof that instructors listed as teaching the articulated classes listed in Article VI are highly qualified and have a valid Michigan Teacher Certification at the secondary level with both appropriate subject matter and CTE endorsements.
  • Notification of a change in instructor teaching an articulated class covered under this Agreement. Failure to provide any of the above information could result in the termination of this Agreement

Article VI | Curriculum Alignment 

OCC Course Name  OCC Course  OCC Credits  District Equivalent CIP State of Michigan CTE Program District CTE Class Name(s)
Food Standards, Sanitation and Hygiene CUL 1010  2 1 year - 2semesters and ServSafe Certification 12.0500 Cooking & Related Culinary Arts Culinary Arts & HOspitality

State Approved Segments:

1. Cost control and culinary math
2. Culinary Core
3. ServSafe and Sanitation
4. Guest Relations
5. Basic Cooking
6. Baking and Pastry
  7. Management
8. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
9. Advanced Cooking
10. Garde Manger
11. Sustainability and Nutrition
12. Career and Professional Development

Department of Education, Career and Technical Education is available for review. Articulated credit is intended to be used toward the attainment of a degree or certificate at OCC. Students should consult an OCC counselor to discuss degree and certificate requirements and the application of articulation credit. Additional information is located OCC programs of study.

Additional requirements for all OCC programs of study.

NOTE: OCC reserves the right to deactivate any course or program at any time. In the event of such deactivation, OCC shall provide timely written notice to the district representative and will post public notice on the articulation website 

Article VII | Student Guidelines and Procedures 

Students pursuing articulated credit at OCC must comply with the following conditions:

Eligibility requirements:

  • Receive a grade of B average (3 .0) or better in the high school CTE program covered under this Agreement
  • Request articulated credit within two (2) years of taking the high school CTE course(s) covered under this Agreement
  • For Culinary 1010, the student must also provide their ServSafe Certification

Procedures to apply for credit:

  • Request articulated credit online.
  • Verify high school CTE program completion with submission of official high school transcript to OCC via Parchment

NOTE: OCC reserves the right to deny any request for articulated credit in which it has been determined that the educational requirements have not been sufficiently achieved.

#Must complete OCC course within 24 months after successfully completing the high school course.

Article VIII | Termination of Agreement 

This Agreement is in effect from November 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022. If this Agreement is not renewed at the end of the effective period, students who already started the secondary CTE program will be given two (2) additional years to be admitted to OCC under the terms of this Agreement. 

In the event this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason, it shall terminate immediately. OCC will provide timely written notification of the termination to the district contact named in Article IV. Students who have not completed the entire procedure of requesting credit before the termination date of this Agreement will not be granted credit.