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Faculty who have taught Art (ART) courses.
Andersen, Robert Full Time Faculty HumanitiesAuburn Hills
Berman, Steven Full Time Faculty EnglishAuburn Hills
Berry, Ashley Adjunct Faculty ArtOrchard Ridge
Dezman, Lindsey Full Time Faculty ArtRoyal Oak
Evans, Brett Adjunct Faculty Art 
Garguilo, Michael Adjunct Faculty ArtAuburn Hills
Neslund, Sophie Adjunct Faculty Art 
Prainito-Winczner, Marie Adjunct Faculty Art 
Rickard-Carpenter, Tessa Adjunct Faculty ArtAuburn Hills
Rybicki, Christina Adjunct Faculty HumanitiesSouthfield
Sarris, Stephanie Adjunct Faculty Art 
Sawyer, Tylonn Full Time Faculty ArtOrchard Ridge
Schaedig, Kris Adjunct Faculty Art 
Scott, Erin Full Time Faculty ArtAuburn Hills
Tonning, Nathan Full Time Faculty ArtAuburn Hills
Valenti, Nick Full Time Faculty PhotographyOrchard Ridge
Vinson, Jacob Adjunct Faculty Art 
Weir, Bonita Adjunct Faculty ArtAuburn Hills
Yaklin, Kerry Adjunct Faculty Art 
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