Futures for Frontliners

Futures for Frontliners

Application has closed

There are still scholarship opportunities for students who missed the Futures for Frontliners deadline or were ineligible.  Futures applications were in 2020-21.  Students not in Futures or no longer eligible for Futures are strongly encouraged to apply for Michigan Reconnect.  This scholarship program provides the same in-district tuition guarantee to all qualified Michigan residents 25 years and older regardless of job status.

Already enrolled in Futures for Frontliners? Here's what you need to know to continue.

  • Submit a FAFSA every year. List OCC's school code as the first college choice:  002303
  • Students must have ONLY ONE eligible program of study on record.
  • Starting Summer 2023, you can qualify if you are enrolled in at least 1 credit in a PELL eligible program.
  • You must earn at least 12 credit hours with a passing grade in an academic year (starting 2023-24).
  • Starting Fall 2023 the following programs and courses are not eligible for funding
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA while in the program.
  • All students attending OCC through Michigan Reconnect are required to follow these policies regardless of whether they are using the PELL Grant, another aid source, or Michigan Reconnect funds as last dollar assistance.

Additional Funding Support Now Available

Oakland County residents who are enrolled in the Futures for Frontliners program and in need of funding for costs not covered (such as books, supplies and other related expenses, as well as supportive services such as transportation and childcare), may be eligible for additional support through Oakland County Michigan Works! Call 248-858-5520 and select the service center nearest to you to schedule an appointment.

Continuing Your Futures for Frontliners Scholarship Opportunities at Universities

Many of you plan to continue your studies after earning your associate degree at OCC. To help lower tuition costs, we have partnered with local universities to provide additional scholarship funding to qualified Futures for Frontliners who plan to transfer to a four-year university after graduation. The following schools are offering additional scholarship opportunities for students participating in OCC’s Futures for Frontliners Program:


What costs are not covered by the Michigan Futures for Frontliners Program?

The program does not cover any of the following costs;

  • Textbooks, supplies, or required equipment,
  • Class fees (vary by course),
  • Transportation, Childcare.

However, through a new partnership with Oakland County Michigan Works eligible residents may receive additional financial support to cover these expenses.  This support is made possible through the American Rescue Plan.  Contact your nearest Oakland County Michigan Works! office between 8 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday, to learn about your specific case.

I’m an out-of-district student, can I still go to Oakland Community College?

Yes. But the student is responsible for paying any cost above the in-district tuition rate and eligible fees not covered by Financial Aid and Futures for Frontliners scholarship.

Do I have to complete a FAFSA application?

Yes. Everyone participating in the Futures for Frontliners Program is required to complete a FAFSA application each year of participation.

I received an email from Financial Aid stating I need to complete an SAP appeal. Do I need to complete the SAP appeal?

No. Futures for Frontliners Scholarship Recipients will not be required to complete the SAP appeal.

How will I know if I successfully submitted my Oakland Community College application and was admitted to OCC?

First, you’ll receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received. Within two business days, you will receive an email with your admissions letter and student number in your personal email account.

How will I know if my FAFSA application was processed and the amount of my Futures for Frontliners/Financial Aid award?

All students that have successfully completed an application to the State of Michigan and an application to Oakland Community College will receive emails in their OCC student email updating their status.

How can I check my Financial Award status if I have not yet activated my OCC student email?

Students may check their award status using Financial Aid’s Self-Service after logging in to MyOCC, selecting students, and then Financial Aid Self-Service.  Please activate your OCC email so future communications can be received.