Millage 2019

Thank you to the voters of Oakland County for passing OCC’s millage renewal by a resounding  72%!  We are grateful to the community for renewing their commitment to OCC and recognizing the value the College brings to the region.

Renewal of the millage for another 10 years allows us to continue our work to enhance our educational offerings, grow our transfer options, upgrade our facilities and infrastructure to support student success, and provide highly qualified graduates to take advantage of careers in our community’s growing job market.

Thank you for continuing to show your support of the College across Oakland County!

Advancing the CollegeOakland Community College will have a millage renewal proposal on the ballot this November. The proposed millage renewal will not increase the local tax rate above current levels.

It would allow the College to continue to provide relevant educational opportunities that meet the needs of our community.

OCC serves a critical role in advancing our community by offering programs in robotics, IT, health care, emergency services and advanced manufacturing to meet the demand for a highly skilled workforce.

Nursing Student and InstructorThe College delivers a quality education at an affordable rate for students seeking degrees or certificates to start or enhance their career.  We are also the top transfer institution in Michigan with nearly 50% of our students continuing their education after OCC.

As a community college, we welcome everyone interested in learning, with small class sizes, expert faculty and nearly 100 programs of study.

The millage renewal proposal would provide OCC with $45 million per year - 27% of our annual budget - all without raising the local tax rate above current levels.

Ballot Proposition

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