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You Need an OCC Student E-mail Address!

To save money and protect the environment, OCC is switching much of their communications from paper to e-mail.  This means, OCC will be sending e-mail to you at the “OCC Student E-mail Address” that has been available since 2008.

You must get your OCC Student E-mail Address (if you haven’t already), and either check it periodically, or have it forward e-mail to another e-mail account that you read regularly.

Why do you need to do this?

  • More and more communications from OCC to you will ONLY come via your OCC Student E-mail Account.
  • Having an OCC Student E-mail Account is required starting July 1, 2010, for the fall registration.
  • Official communications about your classes, billing statements, financial aid, accounts, retention alerts, etc. will come only to your Student E-mail (no longer on paper).  This also includes notice of school closings and health and safety issues.
  • Messages you send to OCC with your OCC Student E-mail Address have no risk of being held as “spam”.

What should you do?

  1. Get an OCC Student E-mail Address, if you haven’t done so already:  OCC Student E-mail Signup
    (That site also has a User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.)
  2. Check your OCC Student E-mail Address frequently, so you do not miss responding to any time-sensitive request from an instructor or other part of OCC.
  3. Alternative to #2:  Set your OCC Student E-mail Address up to forward all e-mail to an existing e-mail account that you already check frequently.  To do this, go to the E-mail User Guide and follow the directions "Forwarding Your OCC E-mail to Another E-mail Address".
  4. When you need to send and e-mail to OCC (an assignment to your instructor, for instance), use your OCC Student E-mail Address.  This ensures your message is not mistaken as spam.
  5. If you find you could use help, contact the Student Technical Help Desk:

Students are expected to read e-mail messages within a reasonable amount of time, as some communications may be time-sensitive.  Students will be responsible for the consequences of not reading and responding to any time-sensitive communications.

Security & Privacy

  • E-mail communications must comply with federal and/or state regulations and college policies.
  • Oakland Community College will never request personal or confidential information such as social security number, credit/debit card numbers, or bank account identification information using by e-mail.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their e-mail passwords confidential, and must not share it with others

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