ESL Placement for Summer 2020

Follow the steps below to complete the ESL Placement process:

 1.  Make sure you have taken the Mandatory Orientation through your MyOCC account.

 2.  Check the Exemption List to see if you need to take the Placement.

 3.  Schedule an appointment through your OCC email account with Kristi Movsesyan.  In the subject line of your email type "ESL placement."

4.  In your email provide your first name and last name as it appears in your appointment preference:

Day Time
Tuesdays  10 am
Tuesdays  2 pm
Thursdays  10 am
Thursdays  2 pm

NOTE: All sessions must be signed up for by noon the day before the session begins.

5.  You will receive an email that confirms your appointment and provides information about accessing the course. 

6.  Make arrangements (about 1 hour) for a quiet place to take your writing placement test.

7.  Read the Honesty Promise in the course to ensure the work you produce is your own and done without any assistance from outside sources, such as dictionaries, other people, or websites. 

8.  Remember this is a timed test. Once you begin the writing process, you will have 45 minutes to complete and submit your composition.

9. Once submitted wait 24 hours. You will received an OCC email with your class placement. 

10.  You may now schedule an appointment to meet with an OCC Counselor.