Tips for Effective English as a Second Language Placement

  1. The English as a Second Language (ESL) placement process is based on the honor system. You will not be allowed to use any dictionaries, outside resources, or outside assistance to complete your composition.

  2. You will be asked to verify that your composition is your own work by checking the box connected to the statement. Look for this statement before beginning the writing process:

    HONOR PROMISE: I promise to work alone. I promise not to use any help, including books, notes, phones, dictionaries, the internet, or any other resources or help. I promise not to cheat on this writing sample. I promise not to plagiarize on this writing sample. I promise not to help anyone else. I understand that if I get help on the ESL Placement Test, I may not be allowed to take classes at OCC.

  3. The placement process is designed to help you be successful in your courses at OCC. Please take this placement seriously and do your best.

  4. Make sure you read the prompt carefully, take a minute to think about your answer, organize your thoughts, and then begin writing your composition.

  5. Pay attention to your sentence structure, grammar, use of pronouns, and paragraph structure.

  6. Respond to the prompt as if you are telling a story. Your writing will be better if you connect to it personally and write about your personal experiences.

  7. Make sure you review your writing for beginning, middle, and end statements.

  8. Give yourself enough time to reread what you have written and try to correct any errors you may have listed.