Articulation-Program Firm Requirement

List of Programs requiring BUS1210
List of Programs requiring BUS1210

Program Title: General Accounting Certificate

Program Description: This option is intended for individuals who desire entry-level employment in the field of general accounting. Successful completion of this option will result in a Certificate in General Accounting. Eligibility for this certificate is dependent upon the student achieving a ā€˜Cā€™ or better in each of the required courses. The student may choose to continue and complete an Associate in Business Administration or an Associate in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.

Program Title: Photographic Technology

Program Description: This program provides professional and technical experience in still black and white, color and digital photography. Emphasis is on developing skills necessary for graduates to be employed as photographers, photographic assistants and lab technicians in business, industry, advertising, journalism, medical institutions, studios and schools. Graduates may also be self-employed as professional photographers and retailers.

Program Title: Technological Sciences

Program Description: The Associate in Technological Sciences Degree program is designed for students choosing to pursue widely varying areas of occupational, technological, engineering, and emerging sector-related interests. This degree is also designed for career-minded students, yet includes flexibility to meet the Michigan Transfer Agreement for students wishing to continue their education with one of our many 4-year partner institutions. See a counselor for courses that may be required at the college you plan to attend. A minimum of sixteen credit hours in the primary occupational discipline of your choice, plus nineteen credits of fundamental General Education leaves you with twenty-seven elective credits (14 required) to design your future. Graduating from this program does not automatically qualify the student for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) endorsement. Students in this program seeking MTA endorsement should work closely with an OCC counselor to identify classes from the MTA List which apply to the endorsement and to degree requirements.

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