High School Articulated Credit FAQs

What is articulated credit?

  • Articulated credit is the process of granting college credit for high school coursework. Credit will only be awarded for high school classes with a B average or better.

Where do I take the classes?

  • The classes are taken at your high school or your school district’s technical education center.

What is the cost of articulated credit?

  • There is no cost to take the class in high school and no cost to request the credit at OCC.

How do I request credit from OCC?

How long do I have to request credit after I graduate from high school?

  • Students have up to two years after high school graduation to request credit.

Does articulated credit transfer to other colleges or universities?

  • Articulated credit is intended to be used toward the attainment of a degree or certificate at OCC.  However, depending on the other school’s policy, it may be used as transfer credit.  Check with the specific institution about their acceptance of articulated credit.

Which OCC courses qualify for credit?

  • Review the list of articulated courses. Click on "high school alignments" in the related links column.

Where can I get more information?

How do I submit extra certification requirements?

  • Certifications may be required for CUL 1010, ROB 1500 or PER 2540 credit.  Submit any extra certification requirements to HSArticulations@oaklandcc.edu.

When will articulated credit appear on my OCC transcript? 

  • After you submit your request for credit, your information will be reviewed. Articulated credit that is awarded will appear on your OCC transcript after you have: 1) graduated from high school; and 2) taken and completed at least one course at OCC.