Active De-Escalation Strategies and Critical Decision Making

911 Dispatch Academy


Bryan Pizzuti is an experienced law enforcement professional and trainer with 20 years of experience. Successful development, implementation, and supervision of professional development and safety programs for law enforcement and the public. Well-presented, highly personable with a strong motivation to train and educate individuals or groups that seek professional growth and development.

Pizzuti believes that the primary insight of a trainer should be the student first, and continual study of the craft that is being instructed. Knowledge and belief in research, study and questioning of all the areas instructed to stay current, relevant and impactful in students/trainees served.

Course Description:

This is an eight (8) hour classroom based confrontation avoidance/conflict resolution and critical decision making course. This classroom course is designed to recognize aggression, not stimulate aggression, and to develop strategies/skills to de-escalate the conflict. Students will learn Active De-Escalation Strategies that avoid or resolve interactions by employing resolution tactics and de-escalation methods to promote successful community interactions. Students will be introduced to the Critical-Decision Making model and its relationship to overall first responder safety

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*302 Funds Eligible*  
*The Course is SNC Approved (SNC #TTT2021-2226)**