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Darnell Blackburn,has a BA in Psychology, MBA and is a former police officer who has worked in road patrol, community policing and as an undercover narcotics officer. He worked full time with the regulatory agency for all law enforcement entities in the State of Michigan for over 17 years. He is currently following his passion and has devoted 100% of his efforts to PRAT International LLC. Darnell is the Founder and CEO of PRAT International LLC, a service consulting company that specializes in training law enforcement officers in Unconscious Bias, Cultural Competency, Stress Management and Verbal De-scalation. He has acted as a Facilitator for the US, Department of Justice on police and community relations in Washington D.C., alongside the previous Attorney Generals Loretta Lynch and Jeff Sessions. He has also been recognized as a subject matter expert on Implicit and Unconscious Bias, training numerous police agencies on the subject matter as well cultural competency and verbal de-escalation.

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide a leadership mindset within the entire dispatch team. Whether it’s supervising emergency service dispatchers or navigating the mental stress that can come due to the nature of the job, having a positive mindset is key. It doesn’t matter if you are management for lay personnel when there’s a need, the ‘team approach” produces the atmosphere to get the job done. This approach has been proven effective and synergy occurs when the whole is greater than the sum. By building a leadership dispatch service team that feels their existence is useful, the supervisor will get far greater results than any single individual could give. Once the team comes together, each team member will look after each other, ensuring professionalism, creativity, dedication to duty, and the desire to give the public the best service possible.

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