Dispatch Leadership

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Bryan Pizzuti is an experienced law enforcement professional and trainer with 20 years of experience. Successful development, implementation, and supervision of professional development and safety programs for law enforcement and the public. Well-presented, highly personable with a strong motivation to train and educate individuals or groups that seek professional growth and development.

Pizzuti believes that the primary insight of a trainer should be the student first, and continual study of the craft that is being instructed. Knowledge and belief in research, study and questioning of all the areas instructed to stay current, relevant and impactful in students/trainees served.

Course Description:

This is an (8) hour classroom based Leadership / Personal Development training course for public safety professionals. This classroom course is designed to educate, enrich, and develop skills and attributes that are required of leaders. Material is pertinent for public safety professionals who are both formally and informally recognized as leaders in their organization. Participants will engage in learning by completing a student workbook, group discussions, video review, and lecture.

Instructional Goals:

  • Identify the difference between management and leadership
  • Identify and discuss Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand Maslow’s Theory of Motivation
  • Identify the difference between Outcome vs. Process Thinking
  • Learn and analyze Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership
  • Improve mindset by utilizing the W.I.N Principle
  • Understand Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Introduce and Discuss the Eisenhower Principle

Questions:  911training@oaklandcc.edu

*302 Funds Eligible*