Dispatchers Role in Active Shooter Incidents

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Dave Larton – Operations Section Chief of the First Contact 911, LLC has over thirty years of emergency services experience, along with being a certified Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer Counselor, a COM-T (Communications Incidents Technician) and a Basic Law Enforcement instructor with the Texan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Dave also co-authored “Incident Dispatcher: A Guide for the Professional, Tactical and Incident Dispatcher”.

Course Description

  • The students will have a better understanding of the need of credible, verifiable and timely information during Active Shooter Incidents.
  • The students will identify common uses of strategy and tactics during an incident.
  • The students will understand crisis calltaking procedures, and the need to inform officers of the extent of the incident as well as the casualties involved.
  • The students will understand the large scope of the incident, requiring a large Mutual Aid response.
  • The students will become familiar with telecommunications issues which will negatively impact the incident, including telephone, radio communications and the use od social media.
  • The students will understand the requirements for a Unified Command System, and the need for an Incident Command Post, Staging Areas, Triage/Treatment Areas, Victim Assistance Centers and a Media Staging Area.
  •  The students will become familiar with the recognition of Critical Incident Stress from these incidents, and the resources available for assistance for CIS issues.

Course Details

Questions:  911training@oaklandcc.edu

**This course is SNC Approved – Continuing Education**