Homeland Security for 911 Professionals

911 Dispatch Academy

Course Description:

Emergency responders and dispatchers jobs all changed on September 11, 2001. Now all American citizens are asked to serve as the eyes and ears to help prevent another terror attack. They will call 911 to pass on that information. Emergency dispatchers need to know what to do with that information.

Students will be prepared to respond to a potential terror threat or suspicious situation. Module II approved.

Instruction by: Training Edge, LLC

Class Objectives:

  • Learn procedures regarding calls that may involve a terror threat or suspicious activity and what agencies to contact.
  • Learn early identification of terrorist events.

Topics Include:

  • Difference between domestic terrorism and international terrorism
  • Dispatcher’s role in a terrorist event
  • Assess suspicious person/vehicle calls
  • WMD Response Guide Use
  • Terrorism Screening Center (TSC)
  • 911 Calls – Information gathering
  • Officer Assistance/Officer down at a suspected CBRNE incident
  • Potential targets in your community
  • Who to pass the tip on to/Use of the MIOC

May Course Details:

November Course Details:

Questions:  911training@oaklandcc.edu

− This Course is SNC Approved − Module II −