Flashover Training

Flashover Training

SMOKE Approved Q Course (Q15A)

The Oakland Fire Training Academy offers a unique training experience that provides firefighters with the best live fire training program currently available to the fire service.  This “hands on” training can take place at our CREST Center or can be transported to your community in order to increase the training opportunities for your agency while reducing the need to send your firefighters out of their response area.


The Phase I system is a laboratory, where fire behavior can be observed in a “controlled” environment.  It is designed to increase knowledge of fire behavior and to teach the student how to recognize the warning signs of flashover.  Using Class A combustibles (particle board), instructors are able to accomplish this effective demonstration in a cost effective manner; and because the Flashover Unit is not influenced by artificial or individual factors it is considered the most realistic fire training available.

Key points of the system include incipient phase of the fire, fire growth, smoke production, high and low pressure zones, thermal feedback, rollover and flashover.  The students are shown, and can practice under working fire conditions, nozzle techniques that can be used in any interior setting.  There can be multiple evolutions before the fuel load is depleted.


The Phase II system builds on the principles learned in the  Phase I System. The Phase II System should be considered a working environment  for the firefighters.  In the Phase II System the students are now at the  same level of the fire floor an take a more active roll in recognizing fire  conditions. Students will utilize their hose line and nozzle patterns to check  the environment, control fire gases while advancing a hose line, and ventilate fire gases through hydraulic ventilation methods.


The Oakland Fire Training Institute has the ability to bring  both the Phase I and Phase II systems to a location of your choosing; which  allows for an increase in training opportunities for your personnel while  reducing the need for them to be assigned outside of your agencies geographic service area.

Mobile Flash Unit