Active Violence Response for Command Officers

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Danny Phillips - Lieutenant, Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department (Retired). A 28-year veteran who served as his departments Advanced Firearm Instructor/Range Master for over 20 years. He also was a board member and training instructor for OakTac for over 12 years and has trained over 1000 officers in Active Assailant Response. Lieutenant Phillips instructs new recruits in Active Assailant Response at the Oakland Police Academy bringing a high level of expertise, dedication and professionalism to each class.

Brent Murray – Sergeant, Milford Police Department. Brent has served for over 24 years and has 12 years as an OakTac Active Shooter Instructor. Sgt. Murray’s passion for tactics and training began during his time in the United States Army as an Airborne Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division. He is firearms instructor and teaches Run, Hide, Fight training to churches, government entities and businesses.

Course Description:

This course provides officers with the operational tactics to immediately respond to an Active assailant incident. Instruction covers solo officer and team formations; tactical and open-air movements; room entries/searches; how to respond to stimulus and the responsibilities of being assigned to a Rescue Task Force Team.

Topics Include:

  • Historical Perspective
  • Moving to Stimulus  
  • Threshold Assessment 
  • Room Clearing  
  • 360 Degree Work Area 
  • Contact Team / Extraction Team
  • Rescue Task Force 
  • Open Air Movements 
  • Building Searches  
  • Communications

Required Equipment: M16 / M4 rifle, duty belt, BDU’s, long-sleeve shirt, boots, vest, flashlight.

Note: The Oakland Police Academy will provide all Simunition® protective equipment (full-face, throat and groin protection), FX® Marking Cartridges and conversion kits for the rifle.

This training satisfies all aspects of State of Michigan Public Act 552 of 2018: Law Enforcement Officer Active Violence Training. This training is fully endorsed by MCOLES. Each Officer will receive training credit which will be entered into the MITN system upon successful completion. Officers will need to provide their MCOLES number during sign-in. 

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -