Advanced First Responder Course

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Justin Galvan is a US Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant and a Military
Free Fall Instructor. He has three combat deployments to the Middle East and has treated many critically injured combat casualties as well as hundreds of people in the clinical setting overseas as a solitary medical provider in austere environments. Sergeant Galvan is also a SWAT instructor at Oakland Community College.

Course Description:

Advanced First Responder Course: The advanced first responder course is an in-depth program of instruction designed to take an officer with basic BLS/ First Responder experience to the level of being able to recognize and treat critically injured person nel, deliver life-saving interventions in accordance with their scope of practice, and properly triage and sort injured people in a mass casualty scenario.

Items to Bring: 

Officers will need note-taking material and a training uniform they do not mind getting dirty/bloody. Officers are encouraged to bring in their duty first-aid kit or aid bags for discussion and tips on equipment, layout, and use as well as any litters or casualty carrying or casualty extrication equipment they are required to be familiar with while on duty.

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -