Using Technology in Major Criminal Investigations

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Developed for use by the Malaysian “Special Branch Police” who due to the nature of their operations do not carry weapons. These are simple yet highly effective techniques for use in close quarters against single and multiple armed aggressors. Learn unique locks and restraining methods which allow you to hold a suspect for an indefinite amount of time without fatigue and without compromising your view of the environment or ability to immediately disengage from the suspect. This class will also address evasive tactics, take-downs, grappling, weapon retention and ground controls. Students should wear loose fitting clothing.


Jeff Davidson – An internationally renowned teacher of Southeast Asian knife and empty-hand combatives. He is one of only a few Westerners to be granted permission to study the indigenous and highly clandestine martial arts of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines in their native lands. He has been a featured seminar instructor for diverse groups of students in North America, South America, Israel, Southeast Asia and West Africa. In 2005, he was invited to the Republic of the Philippines, where he presented and taught edged-impact weaponry and empty-hand CQB for several branches of the Philippine Military/Law Enforcement establishment.

Jeff has privately instructed members of Oakland and Wayne County Law Enforcement agencies since 1995. He developed the unique and effective “Edged Weapon Control Dynamics” program specifically for Law Enforcement application. These skills are invaluable for all LEO’s from patrol officers to SWAT operators and especially corrections.

Sgt. Stephen Renico Dearborn PD, Retired with 13 years as a Defensive Tactics Instructor, and 7 years as a SWAT Team member.  He is an expert in the science of Combat Judo as well as edged weapon defensive tactics.

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