Basic Police Mountain Bike School

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Scott De Muynck has served as a Police Officer with the Sterling Heights Police Department for the last four years and he is currently serving as a road patrol and a bicycle patrol officer.

Course Description:

A 32-hour course teaching officers how to react from the police mountain bike while on patrol, along with being more available to the public for community oriented policing purposes. To obtain certification from the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA) officers must successfully complete written (minimum score of 70%) and practical examinations, including a firearms training scenario. This course is physically challenging and will require officers to complete all training rides, both on and off road, a demonstration of bike skills, defensive tactic techniques and firearms proficiency. Student should dress for the weather, as they will be riding “rain or shine.”

Equipment Needed: 

  • A mountain bike in excellent working condition with toe clips, straps or clip-less pedals. It must be a properly sized bike for the student/officer height and size. The bicycle MUST be in a  mechanically safe working condition. Officers bringing a bicycle that is of an unsafe size for them or that is mechanically unsafe or requires extra work to repair on site before class begins SHALL be dropped from the class for their own safety.
  • A properly fitting (correct size) bicycle helmet
  • Gloves (lightly padded or no padding)
  • Shatter resistant eye wear
  • Padded cycling briefs
  • Firm soled shoes or cycling specific shoes
  • Duty belt with departmental issued sidearm
  • 250 rounds of ammunition for sidearm
  • Two water bottles or a hydration pack
  • Sunscreen, bug repellant, spare tube, repair kit
  • Comfortable riding clothes (dress for weather and physical effort)
  • Change of clothes based on weather conditions

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June Course Details:

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