Basic SWAT School

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Course Coordinator:

Kevin Kazyak, Chief, Chelsea Police Department has over 28 years of law enforcement experience. Chief Kazyak has held positions as a Use of Force Instructor, Firearms Instructor and 15 years as a SWAT Operator.


Staff instructors consist of highly motivated current and former SWAT and military operators from the metro Detroit area.  This collection of operators draws on their experience from local, regional and federal tactical teams to provide a unique and dynamic training experience. 

Course Description:

This course is designed to instruct new and veteran officers in the skills necessary to operate within a tactical environment.  Whether you are operating on a large SWAT team, small unit tactical element or are a patrol officer looking to obtain advanced techniques, students will obtain a sound foundation of tactical knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to function effectively and confidently during real world operations.

Some Topics Include:

  • Historical Perspective of SWAT
  • Firearms - Primary and Secondary weapons
  • Mission Preparation
  • Team Movement 
  • Building Entries
  • Planning for primary and secondary entry
  • Room Clearing
  • CQB
  • Low Light and no light
  • Wound Triage
  • Shield Movement
  • Threshold Assessment
  • Breaching
  • Subject Control

Recommended Equipment:

  • Kevlar helmet
  • Tactical vest kit
  • Tactical belt and holster
  • BDU’s or Department Tactical Uniform
  • Boots
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Tactical carbine with tactical light and optics
  • Handgun with tactical light
  • Gloves
  • Shield
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Gas mask with level 3 exposure and leg pouch
  • Camelback or Hydration System
  • 1 Noise-Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) per student
  • 1250 rds. of .223 rifle ammo
  • 1000 rds. of handgun ammo
  • Ram

Note:Due to the physical nature of tactical operations, students will be required to participate and pass a physical test on the first day to continue participation in the school.  To obtain a certificate of completion students will need to pass the exit firearms qualification. 

Students should also bring water and a lunch each day they are in the field, as they could be eating during field craft / range exercises. 

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -