Copshock: Surviving the Emotional Repercussions of Law Enforcement Activity

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Rational for Course:

This two day course was developed to address officer response to Critical Incidents or “Toxic” experiences that have the potential to emotionally cripple officers and to address the “corrosive” or cumulative effects of the job that assault officers every day.

GOAL: Participants will recognize and normalize the cognitive, emotional and physical responses that often accompany exposure to critical incidents. They will also learn psychological strategies that will inoculate them from the psychological hazards of exposure to trauma. Further, participants will develop the resources, competencies and “emotional survival mindset” which will help them maintain balance in the presence of daily organizational stress.

OBJECTIVES: Through lecture, reading assignments, video tapes and guest speaker personal accounts, participants will explore the causes and effects of the “emotional injuries” common to the profession of Law Enforcement. They will actively address the often overlooked and taboo subject of stress reactions and in doing so will gain valuable insight and will become more likely to seek and/or providing emotional support.


LaMaurice H. Gardner, Psy.D., Police Psychologist

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -