Crisis Response: Personnel Recovery

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This course is instructed by Matt Johnson and other highly qualified Subject Matter Experts in crisis response with real world engagement history. The instructor staff derives from high-profile U.S. Special Operations teams credited by officers with several successful real-world personnel rescues because of their training courses.

Course Description:

This course will provide the required skills for an officer to respond to time sensitive personnel recoveries with armed suspects inside a structure.

Day 1: Basic Room Control Skillsets (Dynamic)
• Day 1 Intro to Personnel Recovery
• Techniques & Core Fundamentals
• Baseline
• Time Sensitive Room movement & Control (Single room, Solo/Dry)
• Time Sensitive Room movement & Control (Single room, Partner/Dry)

Day 2: Hallways, Hot walls
• Understanding macro vs. micro movements inside of a structure
• Gaining Access/Equipment consideration
• Personnel Movement methods
• Hallway & Multi-Room Movement, Hot wall mitigation and prioritization (Dry)
• Solo/Small unit Room Movement & Control (“Force on Target” Scenarios, Single/Multi-room) 

Day 3: Planning and Scenarios
• Intro to Crisis Response
• Scenario Briefing/Planning & Course Review
• Final Training Exercises (FTX)

Required Equipment:

Primary / Secondary Weapon system; Weapon Sling (Rifle) & Retention; Duty Vest, Belt, Operational loadout; Gloves, Manual Breaching Equipment (Optional); “Chem Lights” Blue / Red (Optional); Notepad and pen; Planning aids (Optional for Day 3). Note: The Oakland Police Academy will provide Simunition® Protective Equipment (full face, throat and groin); Simunition FX® Marking Cartridges and conversion bolts for rifles. 

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -