Death Investigation: Cause, Manner and Mechanism of Death and the Investigative Process

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Course Description:

Participants will receive an overview of legal definitions for cause, manner and mechanism of death, an understanding of the basic death investigative process as well as the ability to identify various types of injuries related to the death of an individual. The course will further review the origins of the coroner medical legal system, the need for a coordinated investigation as well as the necessity to utilize trained, forensic pathologists in determining the cause of death.

Day 1 Day 2
  • Role of the Coroner Medical Examiner
  • Unidentified/Exhumations/Resources
  • PPE’s/Autopsy/Decomposition
  • Injuries/Death Terminology/Ballistics Injuries
  • Elder Abuse/Neglect  
  • Case Review: Accident vs Suicide
  • Case Review: Homicide vs Natural Death
  • Case Review:  Suicide Death by Poison
  • Case Review: Suicide or Accident
  • Court Room Demeanor
  • Case Review: High Profile Deaths (Autoerotic or Suicide)


Michael Murphy serves as President and CEO of M POWER USA, an international management consulting firm providing management and leadership guidance to public and private agencies. Dr. Murphy brings forty plus years of law enforcement and public service experience to the position serving in a multitude of roles giving him a unique perspective beginning as a police officer in Kansas City, Kansas to serving as Chief of Police in Mesquite, Nevada. He most recently served as Director of Special Services for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Course Details:

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