DNA Update

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Course Description:

This one day course covers topics in forensic biology including: proper collection/packaging of biological evidence, evidence submission guidelines, information regarding the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database, and forensic biology laboratory techniques. 


Jennifer Jones has been a forensic scientist in the Biology/DNA discipline with the Michigan State Police for 13 years. Jennifer holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biochemistry from Western Michigan University and is based out of the Northville Laboratory. She has processed hundreds of cases for body fluid identification and DNA analysis during her career and is also one of the Local Alternate CODIS Administrators at the Northville Laboratory.

Topics Include:

  • Forensic Biology Presentation
  • Blood Collection and Testing (hands-on)
  • Laboratory Demonstrations
  • Touch DNA Information
  • Major Crimes (Homicides/Assaults/CSCs) Information
  • Other crimes (Robberies/B&Es/Etc.) Information
  • CODIS Information
  • Packaging and Submission to the Lab Information Mock Vehicle Processing (hands-on)
  • Crime Scene Discussion

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -