Emergency Vehicle Operations Refresher

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Joseph Haddad - Coordinator for the Emergency Vehicle Operations Program and Driving Simulator at the Oakland Police Academy. He has been a driving instructor since 2005 and retired at the rank of Sergeant with Troy Police Department. Sergeant Haddad is a graduate of the Criminal Justice Programs at Oakland Community College and Wayne State University and retired from the US Army at the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

Course Description:

Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) is a one-day refresher course designed for officers interested in operating a patrol vehicle safely and efficiently. Students will receive lecture at the start of the course followed by hands-on driving on a specially-designed MCOLES course along with the opportunity to run through several scripted scenarios in our state of the art FAAC Driving Simulator. 

Topics Include: 

  • Legalities, Policies and Procedures of Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Emergency Response and Vehicle Pursuits
  • Collision avoidance techniques and maneuvers (hands on driving cone course)
  • Driving Simulator (Scripted Emergency Response & Pursuit Scenarios)

Required Equipment: 

  • Patrol/Emergency Response Vehicle must be equipped with emergency lights, and remove all excess equipment from cabin/trunk area prior to arrival
  • Wet weather gear (we will drive in the rain)
  • Sun Screen/Head Cover
  • Hydration Supplies
  • Dramamine or equivalent if you are prone to motion sickness (consult your personal physician before use of any medication)

NOTE: The driving course for this particular class IS NOT designed for Pickups or Extended Version Expeditions, Excursions or Suburban’s, etc.

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