Human Trafficking with Digital Evidence

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Bradley Schoenleben – A Senior Prosecutor in Southern California, and an experienced trial lawyer who prosecuted crimes throughout his career from theft to homicide.  He has worked in the field of human trafficking since 2013 when he helped create the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.  Bradley has prosecuted a high volume of human trafficking defendants securing a number of convictions.  He has worked on providing solutions to the victims of trafficking with both members of law enforcement as well as NGOs.  Bradley has trained thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the country on locating, arresting and prosecuting human traffickers as well as digital forensics in criminal investigations.  These trainings have ranged from various state Law Enforcement conferences for experienced investigators to recruits in the police academy. 

He has also worked with various non-profit organizations in securing better opportunities for those victimized by human trafficking.  He has been a part of creating and drafting legislation for laws favorable to the fight against Human Trafficking. 
Bradley is currently an adjunct faculty at two local law schools and has taught classes in Domestic Human Trafficking, International Human Trafficking, International Human Rights, and Criminal Procedure Adjudicative Process.  For his work, in September of 2017, he was awarded California Prosecutor of the Year by the California District Attorney Investigators Association.  In September of 2018, he was awarded with the Outstanding Individual Award by the Global Center for Woman and Justice.

Course Description:

This course focuses on the fundamentals needed to build a successful human trafficking prosecution from start to finish, discussing the various operations possible to make an arrest, the evidence that can be collected, and the investigative strategies to secure a conviction.  Students will learn about the culture of trafficking by understanding the methods of terminology, recruitment, and exploitation.  There will be a focus on the victims of human trafficking.  The victimology portion will aid the student to find, interview, and assist the victims of human trafficking. The course will also integrate the many types, collection, and value of digital evidence and its use in most criminal investigations with a focus on its applicability to human trafficking prosecution. 

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -