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Barbara Ulatowski (Sergeant, Michigan State Police-retired) held various duties during her career with the Michigan State Police, including polygraph examiner at the Metro North and Northville Posts, and instructor at the MSP Academy for Interview and Interrogation. She is founder of the Professional Polygraph Services that conducts polygraph exams for public agencies and private individuals. Barbara has conducted approximately two thousand polygraph examinations during her tenure as a Trooper and business owner. She is also an adjunct instructor of Criminal Justice at the Oakland Community College-Auburn Hills Campus.

Course Description:

Open to patrol officers, detectives, investigators and other members of the Criminal Justice Community, this course will assist officers in becoming more effective in utilizing the techniques and fundamentals when interviewing and interrogating victims, witnesses, and suspects in criminal investigations. This course will also assist the investigator in establishing truthful and deceptive individuals and obtaining the necessary information to prepare a case for prosecution.

Some Topics Include:

  • Interviewing
  • Interrogation
  • Non-verbal behaviors
  • Baiting Techniques
  • Handling Denials and Objections
  • Statement and sketches

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -