L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Training SystemsTriple Instructor Certification (Handcuffing-OC Spray-Expandable/Straight Police Baton)

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Baton Instructor Training Straight & Expandable

  • Legal aspects of police use of force
  • Baton deployment and purpose
  • Baton justification
  • Basic baton strikes
  • Body mechanics and footwork
  • Documentation and tracking use of force
  • Baton nomenclature
  • Universal platforms
  • Baton blocking principles
  • Baton body manipulations
  • Trouble shooting student performance
  • L.O.C.K.U.P.® tactics integrated

Handcuffing Instructor Training

  • Nomenclature of the hinged and chain link handcuffs
  • Handcuffing passive and resistant suspects
  • Practical exercises of handcuffing maneuvers
  • Departmental policy sample discussion
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform team
  • takedowns and handcuffing maneuvers
  • Documentation and report writing
  • Safe Removal of handcuffs from suspects
  • Controlling handcuffed combatants
  • L.O.C.K.U.P.® tactics integrated

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Instructor Training

  • Identify the various ingredients and strengths of (OC) spray
  • Identify current legal/policy issues in the use of (OC) spray
  • Identify the physical, psychological and physiological effects
  • Management protocols re: medical, and decontamination procedures
  • Identify the most effective (OC) delivery methods
  • Identify the flammable characteristics of (OC) spray
  • Identify the placement of OC on the “Use of Force Spectrum”
  • Identify pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by OC
  • Identify verbal commands/warnings that should accompany
  • Deployment of OC
  • Properly documenting the use of OC
  • Tactical considerations: various canisters, holsters, and retention
  • Draw techniques
  • Perform a tactical OC exposure and restraint of a simulated “active” resistive subject

Course Details:

All 3 instructor certifications are fully integrated! Students may enroll for separate instructor certifications, but seat priority will be granted to students enrolling in the Triple Certification 5 day program. Handcuffing $249.00 (Day 1), OC Spray Instructor $249.00 (Day 2), Baton Instructor $495.00 (Days 3-5). Recertification: Days 1-4.

- 302 Funds Eligible -