2023 MATAI Crash Conference

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The Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators (MATAI) 2023 Crash Conference registration is OPEN. For this year’s conference MATAI has partnered with the National Association of Professional Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS). For information on NAPARS membership go to www.napars.org. As always conference information can be found at www.matai.us/conferences or by emailing MATAIboard@gmail.com

Conference Topics:

  • The conference will include 3 live crash tests, classroom presentations that include EDR updates,
    use of mobile device LiDAR in crash reconstruction, working with GoPro telemetry data, speed
    determination from video analysis, and a full breakdown / reconstruction of the live crash tests.
    See attached agenda for full list of topics and presenters.
  • Vendors from Leica, NOAR Technologies, Recon-3D and E38 Survey Solutions will be on location
    with technology / equipment for questions and demonstrations. Attendees are encouraged to
    bring their own technologies to document data, with some time limitations. ALL conference
    data collected will be made available for download after the conference.


  • There is no official block of hotel rooms for this conference. Hotels along the I-275 / I-96 corridor between 9-mile Rd and 6-mile Rd in Livonia, MI are close to the conference locations. A full list of the hotels in the area are posted at www.matai.us/conferences

Michigan attendees - the conference is approved in MITN for PA 302 Funding.

The conference has been approved for 24 ACTAR CEU's

Conference Agenda

Tuesday, September 12

0800 - 1700  Three LIVE Crash Tests

Crash #1: Two Vehicle, Offset Head-on | This crash will be a simulated centerline crossover with approximately ½ overlap.

Crash #2: Three Vehicle, Rear-end |This crash will involve three vehicles, with one being stopped (simulated red light), one approaching the stopped vehicle and slowing (to yield for the simulated red light), and a bullet vehicle rear-ending the slowing vehicle (who in turn rear-ends the stopped vehicle).

Crash #3: Left Turn, Side Impact  | This crash will be a simulated left turn (passenger’s side strike) into
the path of an approaching vehicle for a T-bone configuration collision.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own technologies to document crash data, however, time may be limited. As usual, ALL data will be available from the crash testing post-conference.

After the actual crashes and post-collision workups, representatives from Leica, NOAR Technologies, Recon-3D, and E38 Survey Solutions will be on location with equipment/technology for questions and demonstrations.

*NOTE: Lunch will be from 1200 – 1300

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

0715 – 0800 Registration / Check-in, Introduction, Welcome, Membership Details, MATAI Board Comments & Elections 

0800 – 1000 Photogrammetry & The Use of Mobile Device LiDAR in Collision Reconstruction

  • Eugene Liscio

1000 – 1200 Skid Testing / Drag Factors with a GoPro & Telemetry Extractor Premium Software

  • Greg Russell

1200 – 1300 LUNCH

1300 – 1500 GM EDR / CDR Update: EDRs, ASCMs, and More

  • Don Floyd

1500 – 1700 Speed Determination from Video

  • Dan Verlin & Chad Lindstrom

Thursday, September 14, 2023

0800 – 0930 General EDR / CDR Update

  • Brad Muir

0930 – 1200 Crash Test Overview / Results

  • Crash Test #1
  • Crash Test #2
  • Crash Test #3

1200 – 1300 LUNCH

1300 – 1700 NOAR Technologies, Leica Scanner Technology & Review of Data Captured from Crash

  • Chad Studer

Course Details:

  • DATES: September 12 - September 14, 2023
  • COSTS: $400 for attendees who register before AUGUST 1ST, 2023, $475 after (late registration)
  • CRASH LOCATION: Schoolcraft College Academy Training Center – 31777 Industrial Rd, Livonia, MI 48150
  • LECTURE LOCATION: Schoolcraft College Main Campus – 18600 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MI 48152
  • To be invoiced / pay by check complete registration form and email toMATAIboard@gmail.com