Michigan Speed Measurement Operator

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Effective: January 2010 Speed Measurement Operators must:

  • Be licensed as a law enforcement officer in Michigan.
  • Satisfactorily complete a 24-hour speed measurement class, including testing and practical exercises.
  • Maintain 100 hours of speed measurement enforcement per year.
  • Recertify as an operator once every five years through updates, testing, or demonstrated proficiency.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Participate in a classroom facilitated discussion regarding the importance of speed measurement enforcement
  • Identify the common features of a radar speed measurement device
  • Describe the scientific principles of radar speed measurement
  • Properly prepare for speed measurement enforcement
  • Operate a radar speed measurement device
  • Describe the scientific principles of lidar speed measurement
  • Operate a Lidar speed measurement device
  • Demonstrate an understanding of speed measurement legal considerations
  • Prepare for court hearings
  • Demonstrate an understanding of speed measurement enforcement by satisfactorily completing a written examination
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate a radar and lidar device accurately under controlled field conditions

The Oakland Police Academy will provide all necessary instruction to certify officers per the MCOLES standard.

Radar Recertification: A recertification class which runs concurrent with this class will be held on
Day 2 at a cost of $120.00 (NOTE: MCOLES requires recertification if police officers fail to document 100-hours with the radar annually following initial certification.)

The Lidar Operator: class runs concurrent with the Speed Measurement class on day three. This course will bring a current RADAR operator up to the new SPEED MEASUREMENT OPERATOR standard. NOTE: Attendees MUST be radar certified with each agency providing one laser device for every four officers in attendance.

Required Equipment: Each officer or group of four officers will be required to provide a police vehicle and a radar unit on days ONE and TWO. Each agency must also provide one laser device for every four officers in attendance on day THREE.


Lance R. Cook, Specialist Lieutenant, Michigan State Police. Spl/Lt. Cook has served over 30 years in law enforcement, 25 with the Michigan State Police. Most of his career has been with Traffic Services, and he is a recognized expert in Michigan traffic law, traffic engineering, and traffic crash reconstruction. He has been a speed measurement instructor since 1996.

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