Midwest Police Motorcycle Training

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Primary Police Motorcycle Training

Course Description:

An 80-hour police motorcycle operator class held Monday-Friday for two consecutive weeks. This is a very intense course that covers all facets of police motorcycle operation, maintenance, slow speed maneuvering, road speed operation, controlled braking and many other topics.

REQUIREMENT: MUST be a certified police officer to attend

Primary Police Motorcycle Operator Recertification

Course Description:

A training program designed only for certified police officers who have been inactive on the police motor due to winter layover, duty reassignment or injury.  Students will be evaluated on their current skill level. If a student is deficient in a particular area, instructors will work with them to restore the skills required to be a competent, effective and safe motor officer. Low speed and road speed skills are evaluated, practiced and tested. 

REQUIREMENTS: MUST attend the entire 3-day course, conducted entirely on the motorcycle range, and score a minimum of 70% on the skills test to pass. This entire course is conducted on the motorcycle range.