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Darryl L. Rivers – Founder / Owner, The L.E.A.D Company. Darryl is a national human behaviors, communication, and leadership speaker and trainer. To accompany his 24 years of government service both in the U.S. Military and as a Law Enforcement professional, he is a psychology major with multiple certifications in human behavioral analytics, emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, accelerated learning, and a communications and body language expert. He served with the Detroit Police Department and the State of Arizona where he functioned as a Detective, a Sergeant, a Lead Special Agent of the States Tobacco Enforcement Unit (Office of The Attorney General), and a Hostage Negotiator.
He is a dynamic presenter and most importantly, Darryl is a “cops, cop”!

Course Description:

This course is designed for effective mentoring and guiding in today’s workforce. With societal changes over the past decade, leadership changes are a necessity. By applying new and effective leadership techniques that are applicable to both the seasoned and newly recruited law enforcement professional, agencies can influence sound decision making with its personnel. By utilizing the modern-day Socratic method of guidance and decision-making officers will develop a sustainable decision-making process that will help eliminate micro-managing, write-ups, and over reliance of supervision.


  • What is the Socratic Method?
  • How does Emotional Intelligence impact decision-making?
  • Identifying agency and supervisory objectives
  • Locating the officer mindset and leading it toward specified objectives
  • The art of leadership coaching
  • Directing personnel toward professional growth and desired outcomes
  • Open discussion and leadership coaching demonstration

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -