Patrol Rifle Instructor

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Course Description:

This NEW course taught by the Firearms Staff at the Oakland Police Academy will provide the knowledge and skills instructors need to administer and supervise patrol rifle training.


  • Shooting Drills 
  • Safety protocols
  • Diagnosing student shooting issues (Target Analysis)
  • Record keeping and Retention
  • Instructor Development Skills
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Mechanics of Shooting 

Required Equipment

  • Department Issued Patrol Rifle with Sling
  • Department Issued Service Pistol with 3 magazines and standard duty belt with equipment
  • At least six rifle magazines, 30 round capacity
  • 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Duty vest
  • Weapon cleaning equipment
  • Shooting mat (Optional)
  • Wet weather gear (Optional)
  • Insect repellent/Sun screen (Optional)
  • Personal protective equipment – Approved range shooting glasses, earplugs/earmuffs, ball cap

Optional Equipment – Binoculars, spotting scope, sunglasses, coolers, and personal style lawn chair.

NOTE: Students will be required to shoot from various firing positions (Standing, kneeling, sitting, prone) and timed target engagements. Students will need to be able to cover the range distance in a reasonable amount of time for target analysis and posting. The course will include movement drills alone and in concert with additional officers, transition drills, reloading exercises, moving to and from cover, advancement and tactical retreat to cover.

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -