Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation - Level 1 & 2 Mastering Narrative-Based Interviews

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Stan B. Walters, CSP, CVP - Stan has 4 decades of experience in the field and research of innovative interview and interrogation techniques. With more than 50,000 hours experience as an instructor, Stan has trained military investigators, intelligence collectors, and special operators who have successfully deployed his methods in the battle space and intelligence sphere. He has also trained numerous government intelligence agencies, as well as law enforcement agencies, and at academies throughout the US and various parts of the world. Stan has authored training manuals, pocket guides, including the text Principles of Kinesic Interview & Interrogation, 2nd ed.

Course Description:

Information is the life blood of any investigation. The simple truth is that the primary source of information is the result of effective interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects. Unfortunately, not all
investigators receive comprehensive, cutting-edge training on proper interview and interrogation techniques.

An investigative interview is not just asking a bunch of questions and hoping to get information. It is finding the right topics to ask questions about, exploring each topic in-depth without manipulation or subject contamination. This course focuses on filling-in the training gaps and providing investigators with the skills necessary to conduct successful, narrative-based interviews. The outcome will be reliable, content filled statements with information that supports the investigation mission of case resolution.


  • How to recover 60% more information from victims, witnesses & suspects
  • Master the 3 characteristics of a successful interview
  • 3 reasons investigators fail to accurately spot deception
  • Avoid fatal interview errors that cause false confessions and contaminated statements
  • How to recognize and handle their subject’s reaction / response behaviors 
  • Introduction to Influence, Persuasion, Manipulation & Coercion

Course Details:

− 302 Funds Eligible −