Standard Field Sobriety Testing Refresher

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Orman Rodges – Deputy, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Retired. Deputy Rodges spent 22-years in the Alcohol Enforcement Section and is an SFST Instructor and Drug Recognition Expert.

Daniel Prachar – Detective, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  Detective Prachar has 21 years of law enforcement experience.  He has been a Drug Recognition Expert since 2007.  Detective Prachar has been an SFST Instructor since 2008 and has instructed hundreds of pre-service candidates at the Oakland Police Academy.

Course Description:

This 4-hour training course focuses on enforcement of alcohol impaired driving and the administration of the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. Officers who have successfully completed the 40-hour Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course are eligible to attend.  


  • Recognizing and Interpreting evidence for OWI
  • Three phases of OWI detection
  • Administering and interpreting scientifically validated tests
  • Overcoming defense challenges
  • Case law and recent case studies

Course Details: