Use of Force by the Numbers

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Course Description:

Through the use of table-top exercises, lecture, and video instruction and analysis, attendees will learn why Amendment-based force standards are replacing continuums, matrices, etc., and why continuums (or their equivalent) and/or their force levels need to be removed from agency use of force policies. Negligence elements, categories, and standards (including manufacturer product warning) will be identified, taught, and applied to agency policy, training, and state tort claims. Attendees will learn how to critically apply Amendment-based and negligence force standards and issues to criminal and internal investigations, and also learn how force continuums have been judicially proven to increase governmental entity and officer liability. Teaching use-of-force best practices to minimize liability and risk management issues will be highlighted through the program.


 John G. Peters Jr., Ph.D - Former police administrator, police officer, current international trainer and Founder of the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD). IPICD’s sole purpose to educate interested parties about arrest-related and in-custody deaths.


  • Amendment-based force standards
  • Force Terms
  • Force standards
  • Elements of force use
  • Negligence elements and categories
  • How force continuums are a liability land mine
  • Manufacturer product warnings and their impact on government entity, supervisor, trainer and office liability
  • Teaching Amendment-based
  • And much more

Course Details:

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