Farmington Public School District

District Course OCC Course  OCC Course Title CIP Status
Intro to Architectural and Interior Design, Architectural Design-CEA CAD1101 Introduction to CAD 15.0000 Active
PLTW-Introduction to Engineering Design CAD1101 Introduction to CAD 15.1306 Active
Computer Science/Programming A/B CIS1050 Personal Comp Prod Tools 11.0201 Active
Web Design (Both Semesters) CIS1400 Web Design I 11.0801 Active
Cybersecurity A CIS1600 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity  11.1003 Active
Cybersecurity B CIS2838 System Security  11.1003 Active
Introduction to Architecture & Interior Design INT1100 Introduction-Interior Design 15.1301 Active
Medical Terminology MDA1103 Medical Terminology 51.0000 Active
EMT Technician PER2540 Med First Responder/First Resp 51.000 Active