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Faculty who have taught Accounting (ACC) courses.
Al Zaqzuq, Ali Adjunct Faculty Business Administration 
Bruni, Steven Adjunct Faculty AccountingAuburn Hills
Chupack, Jeremy Adjunct Faculty Accounting 
Costello Lambert, Margaret Adjunct Faculty AccountingAuburn Hills
Hendricks, Thomas Adjunct Faculty CISAuburn Hills
Mathews, Lawrence Adjunct Faculty AccountingAuburn Hills
McKinney, Carlespie Full Time Faculty AccountingAuburn Hills
Moncion, Ana Adjunct Faculty Accounting 
Natcheva, Daniela Adjunct Faculty Business AdministrationOrchard Ridge
Shipley, R.E. Adjunct Faculty Accounting 
Suminski, Michelle Full Time Faculty AccountingRoyal Oak
Young, Dawn Full Time Faculty AccountingOrchard Ridge
Zamzam, Mohamed Adjunct Faculty Accounting 
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