Poverty Simulation at OCC Offers Life Perspective

What’s it like to live the life supporting a family with one car, sandwiched between two generations of dependents, saddled with medical debt? Or, a single parent living on a fixed income, supporting a child with disabilities?

These are a couple of the many real scenarios participants will put themselves through in the 7th annual Poverty Simulation Exercise at the OCC Auburn Hills Campus on Nov. 16, at 10 a.m.

All profiles are based on real people. The simulation is done in partnership with Lighthouse of Oakland County and Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency.

Nearly 50 students from several sociology and psychology courses and the student body at large will participate in this simulation to go through “a day in the life” of a person or family living in poverty.  Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Student LIFE is the program organizer.

“This event is always truly an eye opening experience for all involved,” said Auburn Hills Student Development Coordinator Jessica Lizardi.

The simulation is set up like a small town and it unfolds as a day in the life of someone in poverty. Participants are given a scenario complete with their income, and other aspects of their situation. The simulation emulates one month of interaction with government agencies, a “Check n Go,” pawn shop, work, school and other agencies and resources that people in poverty would go to during that time.

“Participants walk away with a sense of empowerment to effect change in their communities and a better idea of the things people go through and how they live,” Lizardi added.

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