Online Degree & Certificate Program FAQS

What if I can't find the online course I need?

Through our partnership with the Michigan Community College Association, we are part of the Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) initiative which provides a list of online courses offered by community colleges across the State. You can enroll for the online class you need at another college, and the credits will transfer back to OCC. Our goal is to help you finish your degree on time. Learn more…

What online degree and certificate programs do you offer?

We offer a range of options, and are continually developing new online programs. Visit our online degrees and certificates page or the college catalog to see the latest offerings.

Can I be dually enrolled in an online and in-person program?

Yes. You may be enrolled in an online program and an in-person program at the same time and will continue to receive the same services/treatment as a student only taking an online program. You will also have access to any campus services OCC offers.

If I am in an OCC online program and take a few classes in-person, will my program designation change?

No, just like in-person students, your program designation only changes when you change it via meeting with a counselor.

Will my online courses transfer to other colleges/universities?

Online courses at OCC should transfer to other colleges/universities just as an in-person course would transfer as the content is the same. The only exception to this might be institutions with a policy against accepting online courses. Note: online courses are not denoted as online on your transcripts. You can work with Counseling to determine your ideal transfer school(s) and if stipulations apply.

Will the online program designation be noted on my transcript?

No. When you receive a degree or credential from OCC, your transcript will appear the same as a student taking face-to-face classes or enrolled in an in-person program.

How will I know if my online course requires any in-person, proctored examinations?

When registering for a course, in the course notes section there will be language about required proctored exams. These exams may require a student to come on campus for testing, or to visit an approved testing site of their choosing. This is most common in courses like mathematics, or courses with a hands-on component.

Is tutoring or ASC (Academic Support Center) support different for online students?

No. Online tutoring through ‘NetTutor’ and online ASC support services will continue to be available to students. These services are available to students enrolled in any class format: online, in-person or hybrid.

Will a 100% online student be able to get a Raider One Card?

Yes. A student can complete all steps necessary to obtain a Raider One Card completely online.