Culinary Arts - Baking and Pastry Arts (CUL.BPA.CT)

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes represent broad areas of knowledge and skills developed over the duration of the program through a wide range of courses and experiences. These learning outcomes represent what a student should be able to know, think, or do upon successful completion of their program at Oakland Community College.

  • The BAK graduate will demonstrate knowledge & skills necessary to prepare food in a pastry kitchen.
  • The BAK graduate will demonstrate competency in the marketing of bakery products.
  • The BAK graduate will demonstrate creativity & refined skills to produce a unique product that meets upscale dining market needs.

Program Plan 2023-2024

Full Time - Fall Start

**Students should meet with an OCC counselor before attempting this plan of study**

Prior to enrollment into CUL 1011 student must: 

  • Attend a Culinary Program Orientation.
  • Attain ServeSafe Certification within the last 2 years or complete CUL 1010 Food Standards, Sanitation and Hygiene with a "C" or higher.

Year 1 - Fall

Courses    Credits
CUL 1011 Culinary Skills 2
CUL 1050 Beginning Cake Decorating 2
CUL 1111 Cookery Techniques 4
CUL 1151 Baking 4

Year 1 - Winter **

Courses    Credits
CUL 1250 Pastry I 4
CUL 1850 Bakery Sales and Merchandising 4
CUL 2330 Artisan Breads 2
CUL 2420 Plated Dessert I 2
CUL 2250 Pastry II 4

MILESTONE: Make an appointment with a Counselor to apply for this certificate.

Year 1 - Summer

Courses    Credits
CUL 2530 Wedding Cake Design 2
CUL Elective* 2


* Student may take elective of choice in any semester if prerequisite has been met. 

** Students may start in Winter term but may not be able to complete certificate in a 3 semester sequence.