Submit Your Own Photo

Tips for a Successful Photo Submittal

  • To achieve a white, or light colored, smooth background you can use:
    • White poster board
    • Light colored wall
  • To achieve clear image quality avoid images that are:
    • Dark or shadowed
    • Distorted
  • To check photo pixel size use a photo editor to check image size is up to 400 x 500 pixels (Generally you can right click on a photo and under Properties, view the pixel size).
  • Photos should not exceed the 4 MB size limit.
  • Avoid photos with other visible people or objects.

Upload your photo

A Few Tips:

  • Remember that hats, caps, scarves, or sunglasses are not allowed in your ID picture.
  • Don't submit pictures with filters, pictures on an angle, or pictures with objects visible in the background.
  • Your photo ID picture should resemble your driver's license or passport photo.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Raider One Card or the services offered, contact

Card Services 
Phone: 248.232.4400