Raider One Card FAQs

Why the Raider One Card?

The Raider One Card is a single card with the following uses:

  • Raider One ID Card - serves as your official College ID
  • Library Services - used for borrowing privileges from local and state resources
  • Raider One iROC Cash - used for print/copy services
Is the Raider One Card mandatory?

All students are required to have a Raider One Card, as it is your official college identification, library services, and print/copy card.

Am I required to have a Raider One Card for my financial aid?

No.  The Raider One Card is used to identify you as an OCC student.

Do I need a social security number to have a Raider One Card?

No, a social security number is not required to obtain the Raider One Card.

What is iROC Cash?

iROC Cash is a cashless way to pay for prints and copies on campus.  Add money to your iROC Cash account (green stripe) and use it on campus to pay for print or copies. More about IROC Cash

How do I add funds to my iROC Cash Account?

  1. At a kiosk machine located in all OCC libraries.
  2. Through the online management site with a credit or debit card you can add cash to your IROC cash account.

How can I check the balance on my iROC Cash account?

You can check the balance of your iROC Cash Account in two ways:

  • At a kiosk machine located in all OCC libraries.
  • Using the online management site, review your balance or transaction history online. 

Is there a fee associated with the Raider One Card?

There is no fee to have, or use the Raider One Card.  There is a $10 fee if the card should ever need to be replaced. 

I previously signed up for Direct Deposit using MyOCC. Will my refund go to this account or to my Raider One Card?

Your refund will be deposited to your current bank account within 1 to 3 days after disbursement.

Where is my money?

If you are wondering when or how your financial aid refund is being disbursed, information on the MyOCC web site can assist you. Follow the directions below:

  • Go to MyOCC, login using your username and password, then navigate to the Financial Aid section on the Student menu. Click on Financial Aid Award Letter to review your award for the current term.
  • To find out which bank account you set-up for refunds, go to the Financial Profile section on the MyOCC Student menu then click on Bank Information.

If you have, contact Financial Services at 248.341-2000.

Do I have to activate my library card?

No, the library card portion of your Raider One Card does not have to be activated. 

How do I receive a Raider One Card?

Submit a recent photo of yourself online and receive your Raider One Card in the mail.  Card pick-up is  available at Enrollment Services on each campus upon selection.  Review the Raider One Card photo requirements and upload procedures.

Note: Government issued photo I.D. (driver's license, state identification card, or passport) is required to obtain a card.

What do I need in order to get the Raider One Card?

For online photo submissions, an OCC username and password is required to login and begin the process, and you need a recent photo of yourself that meets the photo requirements.

My Raider One Card was sent to an incorrect address on file. What do I do?

The Raider One Card policy states  we mail the card to the current address on file with Oakland Community College. If that address is no longer valid, you must to go to Enrollment Services on any campus, with current identification to update your school records. Student may also complete the Student Update Information Request and submit to Enrollment Services  After you update your mailing address, contact the Raider One Card office at 248.232.4400 to confirm your new address.  

How do I get a replacement card?

Go to the Raider One Card page and place an order for a Replacement Card After you login click Student and then Replacement Card

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your Raider One Card has been lost or stolen, visit the online management site to suspend your iROC Cash account immediately.  To obtain a new card visit the website and place an order for a  Replacement card After you login click Student and then Replacement Card.

What if I need a replacement card due to a name change or damaged card?

Replacement cards due to a legal name change that is reflected on your current government issued I.D.,  or any damage due to normal wear and tear, will be replaced at no cost to the cardholder.  Card office staff cannot process name changes on a student record.  Name and address changes or corrections must be submitted to Enrollment Services.  Upon completing a name change request, students should wait at least 24 hours before requesting a Raider One Card reprint.

Is the Raider One Card Office a part of Oakland Community college?


Can Faculty and Staff get a Raider One Card?

Yes. Follow the same instructions as for students.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Raider One Card or the services offered, contact

Card Services 
Phone: 248.232.4400