Raider One Card Terms & Conditions

The Oakland Community College photo ID card, (hereafter referred to as the “Raider One Card”) is governed by these terms and conditions and Oakland Community College’s policies, procedures and regulations. Read the terms and conditions carefully as they contain binding obligations between you and Oakland Community College (the “College”). The use of the words “YOU" and "YOUR" refer to the person to whom the card was issued and named on the Raider One Card.

By obtaining a Raider One Card, depositing funds into your Raider One Card account or by using the Raider One Card associated services; you agree to and accept all of these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and without notice. Future changes will apply to all Raider One Cards in circulation and will supersede the previous terms and conditions in effect at the time you acquired your Raider One Card. Be sure to review the terms and conditions regularly.

1. Use and Ownership

The Raider One Card and the photo are the property of the College. They are used by College departments and staff to identify you as a College student or staff member and provide you with access to various services. You must present your Raider One Card upon request by a College official or its service providers. The Raider One Card is entrusted to you so that you may have access to the multitude of services available to you with the card.

The name printed on the card is your official name as recorded in the College’s database. You are the only person entitled to use your card. The Raider One Card is non-transferable. You may not use your Raider One Card for any illegal, improper or unlawful purpose, for example, presenting your Raider One Card as evidence of being a student at the College while not registered as a student. Using another student’s Raider One Card, or altering, falsifying or selling a Raider One Card is prohibited and subject to sanctions, and may also be subject to civil or criminal proceedings.

Protect your card by storing it in a safe place. Do not apply stickers or make any other modifications to your card.

Note: Holes are allowed on the Raider One Card as it can be worn as an ID Badge.

You may use your Raider One Card college account, provided funds are available in your accounts. The accounts associated with the Raider One Card function under the principle of a declining balance account, where purchases made using the Raider One Card will be deducted from the account balance. The Raider One Card does not provide credit. Cash-back transactions are not permitted.

You are responsible for use of the Raider One Card, including debits made as a result of misuse of your Raider One Card. In the instances of iROC Cash transactions, the College will be able to assist in resolving disputes (see Section 5).

2. Security

You are responsible for safeguarding your Raider One Card against loss or theft, for maintaining it in proper working condition and for keeping your online account passwords confidential. The College will not ask you to divulge any of your access information.  If you suspect another person knows your online passwords, login to your Raider One Card account and change the password immediately.

3. Lost or Stolen Raider One Cards

If your Raider One Card is lost or stolen, you must take action immediately.  You must login to your iROC Cash college account to suspend the account.  A fee of $10 is charged for all replacement cards.  There are no refunds for the card replacement fee if the lost card is subsequently found.  Once you have received your new card, you will need to contact the Card Services office at 248-232-4400 to remove the suspension on the iROC Cash account.  When a new Raider One Card is issued, all previous Raider One Cards are permanently deactivated.  If a card is found, it can be turned into any Public Safety Office on campus.

4. Expired Raider One Cards 

The expiry date that appears on the front of the Enhanced Raider One Card is applicable to the prepaid debit account associated with the Enhanced card only.  On June 30, 2016, all prepaid debit accounts closed.  You will continue to have access to the iROC Cash account and library access with this card.  

Basic Raider One Cards do not expire.

5. Transaction Disputes 

If you want to dispute an iROC Cash account transaction, you must contact the Card Services office at 248-232-4400.  You must provide the date, location, and amount of the transaction, along with any other information that may help staff resolve your claim.

Disputing a charge does not necessarily guarantee that the disputed charge will be credited to your iROC Cash account. Charge disputes are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6. Currency 

All Raider One Card account funds are in US dollars.  Cash deposited in your card account must be in US dollars.  All deposits made from a debit or credit card outside of the United States may not be equivalent to the exact amount deposited due to currency exchange rates.

7. Refusal to accept or honor a Raider One Card as payment 

The College is not responsible for refusal to accept or honor your Raider One Card for whatever reason, including:

  • Insufficient funds in your account at the time of the purchase;
  • Equipment normally used to process the transaction is not functioning;
  • Temporary suspension or cancellation of your account due to a violation of these terms and conditions; or
  • Card was suspended due to being lost or stolen.

8. Refunds 

iROC Cash Account Refunds

Only students who are graduating or permanently leaving the college may have the money from their iROC Cash college account refunded.  The iROC Cash account will be rendered closed with the processing of the refund request.  Refunds may be requested at the Student Accounts Office.  There must be a balance greater than $5 at the time of the request for a refund.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for refund check processing.

Note: There will be a $10 fee to reactivate the iROC Cash account, or replace the card, if you return to the College.

9. Residual Funds 

The iROC Cash account is considered inactive if it has no activity for twenty-four (24) consecutive months, at which time the account will be closed.

10. Offline Transactions 

If the iROC Cash account transaction readers are in an offline mode, transactions cannot be accepted.

11. Library Card Feature 

Your Raider One Card also serves as your OCC Library Card. Visit any of the campus library circulation desks to have your Raider One Card activated for library use.  Once activated, you can use your card to check out materials from any OCC campus library, login to your library account to view and renew checked-out items, or borrow materials from other participating libraries through MeLCat.

You may also use your Raider One Card to print and copy in the library.  Stations are available in each library for you to add funds to your card for printing/copying.

The card holder agrees to be financially responsible for all materials borrowed and services utilized with this card, and agree to abide by all OCC policies and regulations.


12. Collection and use of your personal information 

Your personal information is intended to be used to verify your identity, to operate your Raider One Card through payment card networks for the purpose of  providing the services associated with the Raider One Card, administering College programs and activities, and carrying out other College services and functions.

Without limiting the general interpretation of the previous sentence:

The name printed on the card is the individual’s official name as recorded in the College’s database. Your digital photograph will be printed on the face of your Raider One Card and will be stored in a confidential Card Services database.  Student photographs and enrollment information are proprietary and are kept secure and confidential.  Outside parties are not privileged to personal or account information unless express consent is granted, or the College is complying with security, legal or government agencies.

13. Limitations on the College's Liability and Indemnity 

The College is not liable to you for any loss, inconvenience to you or to others, or for any damages (including special, indirect or consequential) or expenses of any kind that may result from the use or misuse of the Raider One Card or if, for whatever reason, your Raider One Card is not accepted or you do not have sufficient funds in your accounts. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release the College from any and all claims for losses, damages, injury, fees, expenses, charges or debts made by any party against the College arising out of the use or misuse of the Raider One Card.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Michigan applicable therein. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Raider One Card or the services offered, contact

Card Services 
Phone: 248.232.4400