Clinical Assignments

After the student has been selected into the professional component, they begin clinical assignments in the Winter semester and rotate through at least one other clinical education center. Clinical assignments are determined by the clinical coordinator and program director. Requests by students for specific clinical assignments cannot be considered.

  • Most clinical assignments are within a 60 mile radius of OCC's Southfield Campus.
  • Clinical practice is offered on a day shift. Didactic classes are held during the day and evening.
  • Students wear uniforms consisting of scrub pants and tops. 
  • Clean, neat professional appearance is required at all times. No visible body piercing, gauges or tattoos.
  • Stringent policies are applied regarding didactic/clinical grades. No student is permitted to continue in the program if a final grade lower than 75% is received in any course- didactic or clinical.
  • Stringent policies regarding "missed" clinical days are also applied. Any missed time due to illness, etc. must be made up prior to the end of a given semester.

Students are assigned to a specific clinical site beginning in the Fall Semester and rotate to at least one other clinical site throughout the program. Students attend clinical/class according to the following schedule:

  • FALL1 clinical = 0  days/week,     class = 2 days + 2 evenings
  • WINTER1 clinical = 3 days/week, class = 2 days + 1 evening
  • SUMMER clinical = 4 days/week, class = 1 day 
  • FALL2 clinical= 4 days/week,   class = 1 day + 1 evening
  • WINTER2 clinical = 4 days/ week, class = 1 day (shortened semester)

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is currently affiliated with many area hospitals, for example:

●Ascension St. John 23 mile
●Ascension Providence Rochester 
●Ascension St. John 12 mile
●Beaumont Farmington Hills (Botsford)
●Beaumont Royal Oak
●Beaumont West Bloomfield
●Children's Hospital (Main)
●Corewell Medical Center (Canton)
●Corewell Wayne
●DMC Huron Vally Sinai 
●DMC Sinai Grace 
●Trinity Health Oakland (St. Joe's)