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Why do I need vaccines?

Sonographers and those studying sonography are at risk for increased exposure to certain preventable infectious diseases and other health hazards.  It is important for sonography students to be immunized properly for protection against these diseases and/or prevention of spread among patients in the hospitals and clinics. The immunizations must be completed prior to entering the program. In addition, students must rigidly adhere to special precautions to minimize risks.

Can I choose my clinical site? There is a hospital right down the street from my house.

Clinical assignments are selected for each student based on numerous factors. The distance from a student's house is not considered. Most hospitals are within a 50 mile radius of campus.

When should I apply for admission to the program?

All requirements must be completed by the end of Fall semester (December) of the year preceding intended enrollment in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. The requirements include successfully completing the HESI admission exam and all prerequisites and general education courses with a grade of ‘B’ or higher. Students must complete the program application by making an appointment with a counselor at the Southfield Campus.  Transfer students should have their application in by November 15th. 

Can I apply to the program when I am registered and finishing my final classes?

Yes, students will be considered for admission to the program after final grades have been posted and verified. 

What happens after my application is processed?

Once the DMS application is processed, students will be contacted to schedule an appointment for a record review in March.  Record review is a part of the selection process and mandatory for admission.  General program demands and information is briefly reviewed as well as the students’ academic record. 

When does the professional component, the DMS Curriculum begin?

The professional component begins the Fall Semester each year.

Can I work while completing the sonography program?

Students are discouraged from working throughout the program. The program requires a full-time commitment. Employment could jeopardize valuable study and preparation time for class and clinical.