The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong

by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields 

From Mischief, Broadway masters of comedy, comes the smash hit farce. Welcome to opening night of the Cornley University Drama Society’s newest production, The Murder at Haversham Manor, where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. This 1920s whodunit has everything you never wanted in a show—an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines). Nevertheless, the accident-prone thespians battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences! Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, this Olivier Award–winning comedy is a global phenomenon that’s guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter!

(Descriptions from We are doing high school version for technical set reasons.)

Dates:  March 16, 17, 23 & 24 

Time: 7:30 pm

The Play That Goes Wrong -Program

High School Edition

by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields

Title Name
Assistant Director ALEX KESSLER
Stage Manager MYAH GAITHER
Set Design and Technical Director KADEN REYNARD
Assistant Stage Managers KATHRYN STURGES and LAUREN BURGES
Lighting Design MEGAN O’BRIEN
Sound Design JON BALL
Costume Design MARLEY BOONE
Fight Choreographer M. BRIAN OGDEN
Theatre Manager KEN FAULK

This show is presented with shadow and standard American Sign Language
Interpreters provided by the ASL students and mentors of OCC.

Presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service under license from Mischief Worldwide Ltd.

The Mischief Production of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG was originally produced on the West End Stage by Kenny Wax & Stage Presence and on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, J.J. Abrams, Kenny Wax & Stage Presence

The Cast

In Order of Appearance

Title of Part Playing Name 
ANNIE Marissa Carson
STAGEHAND Phoenix Ciechanowski
TREVOR Nick Smart
CHRIS Claudia Davis
JONATHAN Alex Sprinkle
RACHEL Carmen Hale
RACHEL INTERPRETER Alexandra (Lex) Cessna
DENNIS James Lowry
MAX Kalen Rogers
SANDRA Tessa Gibson
STAGEHAND Antonio Hood  & Jasmine Allen

There will be one fifteen minute intermission. The show is 90 minutes long in its entirety.

Please turn off all electronic devices and cell phones and refrain from texting during the show.
Thank you!

The Play that Goes Wrong was first presented by Mischief Theatre under the title The Murder Before
Christmas on 4th December 2012 at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London.

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields © 2012,
2014 Mischief Worldwide Ltd.. All rights reserved.

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, the “Falling G” logo device, Mischief and Mischief Theatre are trademarks of Mischief Worldwide Ltd. All rights reserved.

For Mischief Worldwide Ltd.:
Directors: Mark Bentley, Jonathan Burke, Henry Lewis, Kenny Wax Head of Licensing: Sacha Brooks Exclusive Agent for Literary Rights: Nicki Stoddart, United Agents LLP, London 

For information about all Mischief works, please visit

The Scene

Tonight’s play is being presented by the Cornley Drama Society.

We are very excited to bring this murder mystery in the spirit of Agatha Christie and David Stuart Davies.

The Murder at Haversham Manor takes place in Charles Haversham’s study in his home in England.

All the scenes are in that location and the time is winter, 1920’s.

It is a cold and stormy night. The snow and wind howls outside.

It is the night of Charles Haversham and Florence Colleymoore’s engagement party. Charles’ good friend, Cecil, his butler, Perkins, and Florence’s sister, Mary, have all gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

But things are not what they seem. People are not whom they seem. The outside is not how it seems. And the inside? Well, inside lurks … a MURDERER…

Cornley Drama Society

Director Notes

Thank you so much for venturing forth and joining us tonight for The Show That Goes Wrong! I want you to know we tried to go right. We really did. We’ve been working all semester but we just keep losing things, pieces, animals, lines, actors, sets, days… So we have decided to embrace the chaos.

The cast got a little too invested at times. I think we have most of them settled down. I really can’t make too many promises as to what might happen tonight. I know the show will happen and that counts for something, right?

I would like to mention our ASL colleagues have also been trying from the onset of rehearsals. But honestly, even that has had some moments… Sigh. BUT, our partnership continues to soldier on – and that always counts. I want to give a special shout-out to Diana Campbell, Randa Hermez and Margaret Yellin, who kept showing up every single night!

In addition, I want to thank everyone here at OCC, for to supporting me and my vision for theatre. I have been grateful to speak with and feel the support from Chancellor Pete Provenzano and Provost Jennifer Berne to Dean Cindy Carbone and Chairman Nick Valenti. I am grateful for everyone with whom I work.

On behalf of our colleagues in the ASL department, please note that interpretation for this production is provided by interpreting interns through a supervised clinical experience partnership between the Oakland Community College Theatre Program and the Sign Language Interpreter Program. Student supervision follows the requirements of the State of Michigan Deaf  Person’s Interpreter Act and the Memo of Understanding between the Michigan Division on Deaf, Deaf Blind, and Hard of Hearing and the Michigan Interpreter Education Programs. Further, hearing and Deaf interpreters who are experienced performers provided supervision, mentoring, and language modeling to the students in preparation for and through these performances.

Finally, we would ask that you, our audience, help when needed. Remember, the show is a love letter to theatre everywhere. As our student assistant director wrote, “My vision for this show is to send a message of pushing through hard times. Mainly speaking of the entertainment industry. More specifically being persistent when creating any kind of art. Things will go well in the beginning, confident with the start, and even if the end is a complete failure, someone is bound to enjoy it. This play is one of the last bastions for keeping theater going.” So, keep theatre going and Thank You for joining us, despite The Play Going Wrong! 



Sign names are an important part of Deaf culture. Someone in the Deaf community may create a sign name for an individual based on their personality, their physical traits, their English name, or other factors. It is considered an honor to be given a sign name by the Deaf community. Deaf ASL Models/Mentors, Diana Campbell and Randa Hermez, developed the following sign names for this production of The Play That Goes Wrong.

CHARLES HAVERSHAM: Shaky C in neutral space

CECIL HAVERSHAM: C on center of chest, taps twice

FLORENCE COLLEYMORE: Shanky F in neutral space

MARY COLLEYMORE: M hand on dominant side of chest, with fingers pointing towards non-dominant side, move in a
downward semi-circle, so the M ends up still on that side of the chest but with fingers pointing more upward

WINSTON: Like barking with a W hand (start with an O by mouth and it moves out to a w; repeats twice)

INSPECTOR CARTER: Sign INSPECTOR (1 hand strokes nondominant palm twice, like RESEARCH and then PERSON).

ANNIE: like writing, but using an A hand

TREVOR: bent L hand, thumb near temple, then moves down and back up, mimicking a headset

PERKINS: smooshed c hand runs along one side of beard,repeat twice

ARTHUR: A handshape in the middle of chest, tap twice


JASMINE ALLEN (Stagehand) is extremely proud to be joining the cast of The Play That Goes Wrong. She has loved the experience of seeing live theater since she was a child, which started with her grandmother. When Jasmine is not in class, you can find her performing as a professional fire dancer! She would like to thank her family and her friends for their ongoing support.

JAMEE ARSENEAULT (Trevor) is a sophomore at OCC and is a theatre major. They were last seen as Hyde 4 in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Juror 6 in 12 Angry Jurors. Jamee would like to thank their family for always supporting them.

ALLISON BAILEY (Dennis/Trevor Interpreter) graduated OCC’s Sign Language Interpreting Program this past December. They are excited to shadow interpret this performance. Thank you to all the teachers and mentors!

MARISSA CARSON (Annie) is a second-year student at OCC where she is pursuing a career in musical theatre! She has been in over 8 productions and is thrilled to be a part of this one as Annie! This is Marissa’s second show with OCC and is beyond excited to be a part of such a wonderfully talented cast and crew!

ALEXANDRIA CESSNA (Rachel Interpreter) is thrilled to be a part of The Play That Goes Wrong. The recent graduate and intern is happy to be interpreting in a theatre setting for the second time with the help and support of her team and mentors!

PHOENIX CIECHANOWSKI (Stagehand) is a Senior at Oakland Early College and Oakland Community College. He was most recently in OCC’s production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Sir Danvers Carew. He is excited to be in his second production of his Senior year!

CLAUDIA DAVIS (Chris/Inspector Interpreter) is a student at OCC in the ASL Interpreting Program and will be graduating this May. This is her second OCC production and she is excited to be back on the stage. Claudia would like to thank her friends & boyfriend for their continued support with her academic journey!

TESSA GIBSON (Sandra) is in her fourth year at OCC. She attended Walled Lake Northern High School where she was involved in musicals for all four years. This is her third production at OCC and her first lead role in a show. She is very excited to be a part of it. She would like to thank friends and family for all of their support and love!

CARMEN HALE (Rachel/Mary) has been a part of the OCC Theatre Department for 2 years now and this is her third running show here at the College. Carmen is forever grateful for all of the dedication, support, and talent that has gone into making tonight happen. She is beyond excited to portray Rachel (Mary Collymore) in tonight’s performance and hopes that you enjoy The Play That Goes Wrong!

ANTONIO HOOD (Stagehand) is a sophomore at OCC. This is his first stage play ever. Antonio attended Hazel Park High
School. He is super excited to be a part of something special. Fun fact: he is 6’8.

JAMES LOWRY (Dennis/Perkins) is a multi-faceted artist. This will be his first performance in the community theatre and was delighted to be given such an opportunity. He is currently at Oakland University studying psychology and is taking art classes at OCC to expand his creativity. James hopes that you enjoy the show and can laugh at his performance as Perkins the butler!

LESEAN MADDEN (Max Interpreter) is an OCC student and a member of OCC’s ASL Interpreting Program. She is happy to be involved with this production and would like to thank family and friends for their support.

ALYCIA OSSTYN (Sandra/Annie Interpreter) graduated from OCC’s ASL Interpreting Program in 2021. She previously made her OCC Theatre debut in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as the Hydes’ interpreter. Alycia is thrilled to be involved with another OCC production and would like to thank her friends & family for their support!

KALEN A. ROGERS (Max/Cecil/Arthur) is a senior in college. He set forth on the actor’s journey over 2 years ago adapting new techniques and skills to aid him in order to become a better actor. This is his 4th time taking to the stage. Kalen is very excited to be able to participate with other actors who share the passion for acting, and is glad that you all are willing to come out to watch the show! Hopefully you enjoy it!

NICK SMART (Chris/Inspector) is currently enrolled at OCC and OU pursuing a degree in cinema studies. He was most recently seen on stage as Hyde 1 in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

ALEX SPRINKLE (Jonathan) is a sophomore at OCC and is ecstatic to be playing Jonathan in The Play that Goes Wrong! He previously portrayed Dr. Jekyll in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and worked backstage as an ASM before then. Alex would like to thank his friends and family for their love and support.


JENNIFER LITTLE (Director/Producer) spent over fifteen years as a professional actress, performing on Broadway under the direction of such luminaries as Harold Prince; working with actors such as Michael Cervaris, Alice Ripley, Brian D’arcy James and others. She holds a B.A from SJSU in Performance and a M.A. from CUNY in Applied Theatre. She currently teaches fulltime at Oakland Community College as the head of the Theatre Department and is a member of Actor’s Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild. This is her fourth production here at OCC (my how time flies) and she hopes everyone has a lot of fun with tonight’s Play That Goes Wrong!

ALEX KESSLER (Assistant Director) is excited to working as assistant director on his first stage production. A budding film director, Alex’s work on this show has been a journey into the stage world, previously unexperienced. His vision for The Play That Goes Wrong: “to send a message of pushing through hard times. More specifically being persistent when creating any kind of art. Things will go well in the beginning, confident with the start, and even if the end is a complete failure, someone is bound to enjoy it.” He hopes everyone enjoys the show!

MYAH GAITHER (Stage Manager) is excited for you all to see this production! This is her third show as Stage Manager at
Oakland Community College. In addition to stage managing at OCC, Myah frequently works for other Michigan theatres, including Black and Brown Theatre and Neighborhood Theatre Group. Previous shows at OCC include 12 Angry Jurors and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After such serious pieces, Myah is happy to share this comedic work with all of you and hopes you enjoy the show!

LAUREN BURRY (Assistant Stage Manager) has been involved in the Oakland Community College theater department for four years now. They have been involved in the last few shows put on here, 12 Angry Jurors and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They are excited to be a part of the creative process. Lauren would like to thank their fellow cast mates for making this process so enjoyable and their family for all their support.

KATHRYN STURGES (Assistant Stage Manager) is excited to be helping out in this show. This is her first show as Assistant Stage Manager at OCC. In addition to assistant stage managing, Kat is currently taking classes at OCC to get their Associate Degree. She is super excited for you all to see this show and hopes you will enjoy it!

KADEN REYNARD (Set Designer and Builder) is a freelance artist and builder with an MFA in scenic design from Wayne State University. This is his first collaboration with Oakland Community College. Previous set designs include Old Man and the Sea, All The King’s Women, Chicago, Eurydice. Kaden is excited to join the OCC community. His work can be found at

MIKAYLA GRANT (Assistant Set Builder) is getting her Associates Degree in the Arts at OCC and looks to graduate in 2023. She has been working with both Kaden Reynard and Ken Faulk, theatre manager, on learning the backstage area of theatre. Mikayla hopes everyone enjoys the show!

JANECKA RILEY (Assistant Set Builder) is a Theatre Major at OCC and is planning to graduate in summer 2023. She is looking to transfer to a four-year university and continue studying theatre performance. Janecka is excited about participating behind the scenes in the show and hopes everyone has fun!

MARLEY BOONE (Costume Designer) is a freelance actor and costume designer, as well as the current costume shop manager for Albion College. This is her third show with OCC, having previously designed 12 Angry Jurors and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In Michigan, she has designed for Meadow Brook Theatre, Shakespeare Royal Oak, The Croswell Opera House, Albion College, and the Bay View Music Festival. Her next show is costume designing Sex, Please, We’re 60! for Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre in May. All of Marley’s resumes, production photos, and show updates can be found at BFA: Michigan State University…go green!

MEGAN O’BRIEN (Lighting Designer) is excited to be joining OCC for her third show. Megan is a freelance lighting designer currently based in Connecticut and travels the country to design shows. She is also an adjunct lighting professor at Eastern Connecticut State University. She earned her MFA in lighting design from Wayne State University.

KIRAN-DURAE LAMBERT (Acting Coach) is proud to be a part of this production. Kiran studied at Aquinas College, and interned at Meadowbrook Theatre. Kiran has appeared in shows all over Michigan, and she has worked with several theater companies, including The Detroit Actors’ Theatre (MI), The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina (SC), and Belvoir Terrace (MA). In addition to acting and coaching, she also works as a freelance costumer/wardrobe supervisor, MUAH/stylist, and production manager. Kiran would like to thank this cast and crew for their hard work and dedication to this production, and for always trying to “go bigger”. “Whether onstage or backstage, it’s good to be home.”

DIANA CAMPBELL (ASL Mentor) has been working for OCC as Mentor/Theater Mentor for many years. Previously, she was the director with the DHH students in the Bloomfield Hills and the DHH Theater for five years. Diana studied at the National Theater of the Deaf in Connecticut and is currently working as an ASL Specialist at the Bloomfield Hills Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program.

RANDA HERMEZ (Deaf ASL Theatre mentor) from OCC who has performed on stage at Gallaudet University, Oakland University, and over 20 shows. She is very excited to see the hard-working students from the Interpreter Training Program team with the great great actors at OCC for the fourth shadow interpreted collaboration. Very proud of them! Enjoy the show!! 

MARGARET YELLIN (ASL Mentor) is an adjunct in OCC’s Sign Language Interpreter Program. Collaborating with the Theatre Department inspired her to take two theatre classes at OCC, and try her hand in a small role in Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. She’s back to supporting the student interpreters for this production-what could go wrong?

KEN FAULK (Theatre Manager) has been involved in hundreds of professional productions at such theatres as Second City Novi and Chicago ETC, Performance Network Theatre, and Williamston Theatre. He is an award-winning Sound Designer, Stage Manager and Event Coordinator, currently working full time as the Event Coordinator for Oakland Community College. He would like to thank his wonderful wife Stephanie and his little angel Averie for their continued love and support.


The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong Image

Theatre Classes

Theatre Classes

Oakland Community College offers great classes for both the novice actor and the professional actor honing his or her skills. Acting I, Acting II, Acting for Film, Introduction to Theatre, Voice and Improvisation. We also offer Technical Theatre courses in Production and Lighting Design. Classes can be taken toward a Theatre Degree or for the pure enjoyment and experience. 

DId You Know?

We have an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Theatre. 

Special Thanks

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JAY SEEWALD Campus Facilities Manager
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